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Should Americans Expect A Social Security Check In 2022?

In 2022 social security recipients may receive one more $1,400 check as a social security benefit. There was the distribution of the last round of social security checks. Therefore Americans are expecting their first social security check in March 2022. They even filed a petition for getting a fourth stimulus check two doors on a fixed income. Calls on congress detailing that a new round of stimulus checks would help individuals in their financial status to stop.

According to the reports of the Republic Monitor, the Senior Citizens League, a non-partisan advocacy organisation, pushed Congress to provide social security stimulus payments of $1,400. They launched a campaign to increase calls for the fourth stimulus check to cope with the expenses of 2022.

COLA increased by 5.9%

An increase in COLA, the 2022 Cost Of Living Adjustments was not enough after inflation as written in the letter given to the government. However, the COLA has lifted social tension in the senior citizens as there will be a rise in food prices by 5.9%.

In addition to this, the Sun reports that the bump helped in the inflation. It also limited the income of the families for various things.

Will you get the Fourth Stimulus Check?

While American families looked forward to positive news on Fourth Check Payments, the announcement of the payment may not happen this year. Hence, change.org has over 3 million signatures on a petition. The petition is made to convince the government to distribute another check of $2,000 to adults and $1,000 to children.

Americans are excited about the social security checks if they get them through the remainder of the pandemic. But payments will not be happening as per the reports. It is because the Build Back Better bill started by the president of the USA, Joe Biden, still has not passed in 2022. Also, it aims to help senior citizens and not send stimulus checks.


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