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Texas Officially Launches A New Homeowner Assistance Fund

Texas, homeowner assistance fund has been launched to help with the expenses due to covid-19. The Texas Department of housing and community affairs administers this program to assist Eligible homeowners with modifying delinquent payments. It includes the property charges such as Texas and homeowners Association fees. The program is to aid eligible households by providing mortgage assistance.

According to Fox 7, the homeowners will receive up to $40,000. Whereas $25,000 will be received to pay due to property taxes and HOA or condo association fees. Mortgage assistance will be sent directly to mortgage servicers and property payees. But your application needs to be approved to receive payments.

Eligibility Criteria For Texas Homeowner Assistance Fund

To meet the needs of the funds, here are the eligibility terms:

Homeowners should have fallen behind on a Mortgage Loan, property tax insurance etc.
They should have a home in Texas.
Their gross income should be at or below 100% area median income.
A covid-19 related financial hardship must experience them.

Texas Got $842 Million To Assist Homeowners

The stimulus check program will directly assist homeowners as the pandemic wreaked havoc on the economy. The Biden Administration planned to grant $10 billion in mortgage relief funding. In addition to this, more than $5 million has been distributed through pilot stimulus check projects.

TDHCA says the fund is in the process for people who cannot pay their mortgages on time. Also, Texas took more than a year to implement this program.

Mortgage forbearance will be provided to stop a bank from foreclosing on a homeowner. The people who have fallen behind on their payments will benefit from this program.

According to TDHCA, around $700 million in federal assistance will help people catch up on their mortgage payments and other due payments. It will prevent homeowners from experiencing more financial hardships.
is designed for many cities
Renter aid has been accessible in Arlington, Austin, and San Antonio. To date, rental aid subsidies are still accessible in these cities. However, federal eviction protections for tenants expired in some localities this summer.


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