Home Finance LA County’s Guaranteed Monthly Stimulus Checks: Check If You Are Eligible

LA County’s Guaranteed Monthly Stimulus Checks: Check If You Are Eligible

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The coronavirus epidemic underlined the need for a promised monthly salary, and numerous counties and states have since developed trial programs that provide promised monthly stimulus cheques to some citizens. Los Angeles has also developed a comparable program and is currently taking applicants.

Guaranteed Monthly Stimulus Checks Recipients

“Take a breath: LA County’s Secure Income Program,” a new secure income program launched by Los Angeles County, will provide $1,000 paychecks to 1,000 residents chosen at random over three years. Individuals must be at least 18 years old to receive the promised monthly stimulus checks. In addition, the registrant must live in a LA County community where the typical household wealth does not exceed the county’s benchmark, reports Value Walk.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 outbreak must have had negative consequences for the inhabitants who meet the criteria. Individuals must not be engaged in some other Secure Income Program to be eligible. Selected individuals will get funds via debit card, and they will be able to spend the funds as they see fit. Applicants must not have a bank account to be eligible for the program. It’s unclear whether any unused funds from one month would be carried over to another.

Application Instructions

Last Monday, the La County Board of Supervisors began accepting program applications. In May 2021, the project’s county board gave its approval.

The program will be run by the Los Angeles County Poverty Reduction Initiative, with candidates chosen at random by a research program from the Institution of Pennsylvania’s Institute for Guaranteed Income Research. The research group also would look at the long-term effects of the assured monthly boost checks on the individuals’ financial well-being.

The program aims to assess ” COVID-19 characteristics, physical health, household food security, hope and mattering, mental health, education stress and coping, family dynamics and parenting, consumption, employment, income volatility, housing stability, and expenditure,” according to California. One can also contact 213-342-1003 for further information or to apply for the program.

The application deadline for the program is April 13.


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