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YouTube tests “Stable Volume” feature for mobile apps

YouTube tests

YouTube is experimenting with a new feature called “Stable Volume” across its mobile apps, aiming to provide users with a more consistent audio experience. The feature was discovered by a Reddit user and subsequently confirmed by YouTube as a global test with select users.

As the name suggests, “Stable Volume” is designed to equalize audio levels across YouTube videos, addressing the issue of some videos being louder than others. Similar volume-leveling features have been offered by other media providers, including smart TVs, sound systems, and media players like Roku, which includes an Automatic Volume Leveling feature to tackle loud commercials.

Audio normalizers are not new in the industry, as popular music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music already employ measures to prevent sudden increases in loudness. There are also device-level apps available for phones and computers that achieve similar results. YouTube appears to be joining the lineup with its own solution to ensure a more uniform volume experience for viewers.

While YouTube has not officially announced the launch of the Stable Volume feature, several users have reported seeing it in their app, including YouTube creator M. Brandon Lee from the “This Is Tech Today” channel. Lee speculated that the feature may function as a normalizer and compressor, evening out the volume to avoid abrupt changes between videos or within a single video.

Maintaining audio consistency across YouTube’s vast collection of content, sourced from millions of creators, has been a challenge due to variations in recording and production quality. Users often encounter noticeable volume fluctuations when transitioning between videos in a playlist. With the introduction of the Stable Volume tool, YouTube aims to eliminate these unexpected sound bumps and provide a more seamless listening experience.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that the Stable Volume feature is still in the testing phase and stated, “We are currently testing a new YouTube listening control feature that enables a more consistent sound for users when watching videos. The experiment is global and across mobile devices.”

For users who have access to the feature, it will appear in the video settings page within the YouTube app. As YouTube continues to refine and gather feedback on Stable Volume, it has the potential to improve the audio enjoyment of millions of YouTube viewers worldwide.