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Splatoon 3 Best Leader Splatfest: Shiver Triumphs Over Frye and Big Man

The latest Splatfest in Splatoon 3 has concluded, and Team Shiver has emerged victorious in the battle for the title of “Best Leader.” The event was a special one, marking the first anniversary of Splatoon 3’s release. The competition was fierce, with Shiver, Frye, and Big Man vying for the top spot.

The Unexpected Splatfest

This Splatfest was a surprise to the Splatoon community, coming just a year after the game‘s release. Fans were left wondering what the developers have in store for the future of the game. The theme of the Splatfest was unique, pitting the game’s deep-cut idols against each other to determine who would make the best leader.

The Battle Unfolds

The initial reports showed that Frye’s team was in the lead, having earned the most conch shells during the sneak peek. However, by the second day, Team Shiver had pulled ahead, accumulating more clout than both Frye and Big Man. The competition was neck-and-neck, with less than a percentage point separating all three teams.

The Winner and Full Results

The final results revealed that Team Shiver had won the Splatfest. The team had a total of 38 points, while Frye and Big Man lagged behind with 7 and 12 points, respectively. This win adds to Shiver’s previous victories, making them a dominant force in the Splatoon 3 Splatfest scene.

Fan Reactions

The Splatfest has left fans with mixed feelings. While Shiver’s supporters are elated, fans of Frye and Big Man are frustrated by the repeated wins by Team Shiver. This Splatfest served as a way to gauge if the community could rally behind other idols, but Shiver’s supporters proved too strong.

Key Takeaways

  • Team Shiver won the “Best Leader” Splatfest, continuing their winning streak.
  • The event marked the first anniversary of Splatoon 3, sparking curiosity about future updates.
  • Despite initial leads by Team Frye, Shiver pulled ahead and maintained their lead till the end.

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