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Dedicated Pokémon Go Player Astonishingly Completes Vivillon Pokedex Challenge in Just 10 Months

In the world of Pokémon Go, players are constantly seeking new challenges and ways to showcase their achievements. Recently, a player has left the community in awe by completing one of the most daunting tasks in the game – collecting every variation of Vivillon, a Pokémon known for its diverse patterns based on geographical regions.

Key Highlights:

  • A player completed the Vivillon collection, including all patterns and gender variables, in just 10 months.
  • The challenge involved collecting six Pokémon for each Vivillon variable found globally.
  • Over 5800 Scatterbug candies were collected during this period.
  • The player’s dedication was evident as they included every member of the Scatterbug evolutionary line in their collection.
  • The Pokémon Go community has lauded this player’s dedication and unique achievement.

The Vivillon Challenge: A Test of Dedication

Vivillon, with its myriad of patterns determined by the region it’s caught in, is one of the most challenging Pokémon to collect in its entirety. The task becomes even more formidable when considering the inclusion of every member of the Scatterbug line, amounting to six Pokémon for each Vivillon variable. This player’s journey was not just about collecting but also about understanding the depth of the game and its intricacies.

Community Reactions:

The Pokémon Go community was quick to recognize and celebrate this player’s achievement. According to a Reddit post by the user “realcasually,” it took them 10 months to amass this impressive collection. Fellow players were quick to commend realcasually’s dedication, with comments ranging from “you’re wild” to appreciating the uniqueness of the collection. One user even mentioned, “this is my favorite collection of mons I’ve seen on here. It’s probably 1 of a kind.”

Beyond Just Collection:

While Vivillon does not have gender differences according to official Pokémon databases, this did not deter realcasually. Their collection stands as a testament to the dedication and consistency a player can exhibit when truly passionate about a goal. It’s not just about collecting but about setting a benchmark for oneself and achieving it against all odds.


In the vast universe of Pokémon Go, where players are continuously setting and achieving new milestones, realcasually’s accomplishment stands out. Their dedication to completing the Vivillon challenge in such a short time frame showcases the limitless potential of human determination. As players around the world continue their Pokémon journeys, stories like these serve as an inspiration, reminding everyone that with passion and perseverance, any goal is achievable.