Home Gaming Skiddo Debuts in Pokémon GO with Shiny Variant: Global Release Anticipated

Skiddo Debuts in Pokémon GO with Shiny Variant: Global Release Anticipated

Grass-type Pokémon Skiddo has recently made its grand entrance in Pokémon GO during the City Safari events. This debut has been eagerly awaited by trainers worldwide, especially with the added allure of a Shiny Skiddo variant.

Key Highlights:

  • Skiddo, a Generation VI Pokémon, is now available in Pokémon GO during City Safari events.
  • City Safari events are scheduled in Seoul, Barcelona, and Mexico City in October and November 2023.
  • A Shiny version of Skiddo has been introduced during these events.
  • Skiddo evolves into Gogoat after being fed 50 candies.
  • Global release of Skiddo is anticipated after these events.

Pokémon GO developer, Niantic, had previously hinted at the introduction of the grass-type Pokémon Skiddo. Now, the Generation VI Pokémon, resembling a goat, is finally here and evolves into the majestic Gogoat. For trainers wondering about Skiddo’s availability, it has been made exclusively available for City Safari event participants in October and November of 2023. These events are set to take place in:

  • Seoul: October 7-8, 2023
  • Barcelona: October 13-14, 2023
  • Mexico City: November 3-4, 2023

Niantic, in a blog post from July 2023, mentioned that Skiddo would be exclusive to these events but hinted at a worldwide release in the near future.

Shiny Skiddo Steals the Spotlight:

Adding to the excitement, a Shiny version of Skiddo has been unveiled during the City Safari events. Trainers participating in any of the three City Safari events stand a chance to encounter and capture this rare Shiny variant. The allure of the Shiny Skiddo is bound to attract trainers from all over, eager to add this unique variant to their collection.

Evolving Skiddo into Gogoat:

For those trainers fortunate enough to capture a Skiddo, evolving it into Gogoat is the next step. This evolution requires feeding Skiddo 50 candies. Moreover, to obtain a Shiny Gogoat, one must evolve a Shiny Skiddo, making the quest even more thrilling for trainers.


Pokémon GO’s City Safari events have been enriched with the debut of Skiddo and its Shiny variant. Exclusive to these events for now, trainers in Seoul, Barcelona, and Mexico City have the unique opportunity to capture this grass-type Pokémon. With hints from Niantic about a global release, trainers worldwide are eagerly awaiting their chance to add Skiddo to their roster. The introduction of the Shiny variant has added an extra layer of excitement, making these events a must-attend for dedicated Pokémon GO enthusiasts.