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OnePlus Watch 2: A Familiar Design with Flagship Smartphone Integration

The OnePlus Watch series is making a comeback with the anticipated launch of the OnePlus Watch 2. This new iteration is expected to align with the design language of OnePlus’s next flagship smartphone, potentially offering a seamless integration between the two devices.

Key Highlights:

  • OnePlus Watch 2 is projected to debut in 2024.
  • The design is believed to mirror the OnePlus 12’s camera hump.
  • Despite its initial limited acclaim, OnePlus is reviving the watch series.
  • The new watch might retain its predecessor’s round face design.
  • Speculations suggest a better integration with OnePlus’s other devices like the OnePlus Pad.

A Dive into the Design and Features:

The original OnePlus Watch, despite its advanced health-tracking features and the special cobalt limited edition, gradually faded into obscurity. However, rumors suggest that the brand is set to rejuvenate the series with the second generation slated for a 2024 release. Notably, this new version might not deviate much from its predecessor in terms of design. As pointed out by renowned leaker Max Jambor, the OnePlus Watch 2 is likely to retain its round face. This design choice might be a disappointment for those hoping for a rebranded version of something akin to the Oppo Watch 4 Pro.

However, Jambor also highlights that OnePlus’s preference for a circular display could be strategic. The design would seamlessly align with other OnePlus devices, such as the OnePlus Pad and OnePlus 12, which are either known or speculated to have prominent camera humps of a similar circular shape.

Future of OnePlus Wearables:

The trajectory of OnePlus in the wearables market is a testament to the brand’s resilience and commitment to innovation. While the initial reception of the OnePlus Watch was mixed, the anticipation surrounding the OnePlus Watch 2 indicates a renewed interest and trust in the brand’s ability to deliver. As the boundaries between smartphones, tablets, and wearables continue to blur, the integration and synergy between these devices become paramount. OnePlus seems to be on the right track, recognizing the importance of a cohesive ecosystem. The upcoming Watch 2 could very well be the linchpin that solidifies OnePlus’s position in the wearables arena, setting the stage for more groundbreaking products in the future.

Expectations and Speculations:

While the design might be reminiscent of the previous generation, tech enthusiasts are hoping for significant upgrades in terms of specs and software. One of the major expectations is a shift to Wear OS, moving away from the proprietary RTOS skin that didn’t quite resonate with the audience during the launch of the first OnePlus Watch.


The OnePlus Watch 2, with its familiar design, is expected to make waves in the tech world. While the design might echo its predecessor, the integration with OnePlus’s flagship smartphone and other devices could set it apart. As the tech community eagerly awaits its 2024 release, it remains to be seen if the Watch 2 will live up to the expectations and rectify the shortcomings of its predecessor.