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2024 Apple Watch Predicted to Lack Groundbreaking Features: Industry Insights

The Apple Watch, since its inception, has been a symbol of innovation and technological advancement. However, recent reports suggest that the 2024 Apple Watch may not live up to the high expectations set by its predecessors in terms of groundbreaking features.

Key Highlights:

  • Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts no “significant innovative experiences” for the 2024 Apple Watch.
  • The highly anticipated micro-LED display and blood glucose monitoring feature might be absent.
  • Apple’s focus might shift to refining existing features and ensuring stability.

A Shift in Innovation Strategy?

Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned supply chain analyst, recently shared insights suggesting that the 2024 Apple Watch is “unlikely” to offer any “significant innovative experiences.” This prediction has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and industry experts, leading to speculations about Apple’s innovation strategy for its wearable tech segment.

Anticipated Features Delayed:

One of the most awaited features for the Apple Watch has been the blood glucose monitoring system. Such a feature would revolutionize health monitoring, providing invaluable data for diabetics and those monitoring their sugar intake. However, Kuo’s report indicates that this feature might not make its debut until at least 2025.

Additionally, the transition to a micro-LED display, which promises better energy efficiency and display quality, might also be postponed. This has led to discussions about Apple’s priorities and whether the company is focusing more on refining existing features rather than introducing new ones.

Comparative Performance with Predecessors:

The Apple Watch has seen consistent upgrades in terms of its chipset with the introduction of new processors like the S9. However, the performance difference between the S6 (Series 6), S7 (Series 7), and S8 (Series 8) chipsets has been noted to be minimal. This raises questions about whether Apple is reaching a plateau in terms of hardware advancements for its smartwatches.

Market Expectations and Future Predictions:

2024 will mark a decade since the launch of the first Apple Watch. Given this milestone, there were high expectations for significant upgrades and features. While the predictions by Kuo might seem disappointing to some, it’s essential to note that Apple has often prioritized stability and user experience over flashy new features. It’s possible that the company is focusing on perfecting the current features, ensuring software stability, and enhancing battery life.


The 2024 Apple Watch, while anticipated to be a milestone release, might not bring the groundbreaking features many were hoping for. Predictions suggest the absence of a micro-LED display and the much-awaited blood glucose monitor. While some may view this as a slowdown in Apple’s innovation, it could also indicate a strategic shift towards refining and perfecting the current user experience. Only time will tell how these predictions align with Apple’s actual product release.