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SpaceX Achieves Another Milestone with 47th Starlink Launch of 2023

SpaceX, the pioneering aerospace manufacturer and space transportation company, marked another significant achievement with its 47th Starlink launch of 2023. The Falcon 9 rocket successfully deployed 22 Starlink V2 Mini satellites into low Earth orbit, further expanding the company’s ambitious global broadband initiative.

Key Highlights:

  • Successful launch of 22 Starlink V2 Mini satellites on Falcon 9 rocket.
  • This marks the 74th launch by SpaceX in 2023.
  • The launch took place from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.
  • The booster used for this mission, B1062, made its 16th flight.
  • SpaceX has now sent over 900 metric tons to orbit this year.

A Year of Remarkable Achievements:

SpaceX has been on a relentless pursuit of space exploration and satellite deployment. Following a double launch day on October 13th, the company executed another successful mission on October 17th. The Falcon 9 rocket, lifting off from SLC40, illuminated the evening sky as it carried the Starlink V2 Mini satellites to their designated orbit.

The company’s commitment to frequent and successful launches is evident in its impressive track record for the year. With 74 launches in 2023, SpaceX has averaged a launch approximately every 3.92 days. This rapid pace of operations underscores the company’s dedication to its mission and its unmatched capabilities in the aerospace sector.

Booster B1062’s Notable Journey:

The booster, B1062, which played a pivotal role in this mission, is no stranger to space. It embarked on its 16th flight with this launch. Previously, it had the honor of launching the Inspiration4 civilian astronaut mission, the AX1 private astronaut mission, and two GPS satellites. Approximately 85 minutes post-launch, the booster made a successful landing on the droneship “Just Read the Instructions.”

Starlink’s Expanding Constellation:

SpaceX’s Starlink project aims to provide global broadband connectivity, especially to regions that are currently underserved. As of October 13th, out of the 5,265 Starlink satellites launched, 4,905 remain in orbit, with 4,874 actively operational. The recent launches have brought SpaceX closer to its goal of having 5,000 satellites in orbit.

Looking Ahead:

SpaceX is not just stopping at its current achievements. The company is gearing up for its second integrated flight test of the Starship rocket from its Starbase launch and testing site in South Texas. While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has yet to issue a launch license for the IFT2 mission, SpaceX’s plans for the Starship to launch its Starlink version 2 satellites are well underway. Elon Musk, the company’s founder, hinted at the deployment of Starlink V3 satellites in the coming year.


SpaceX continues to set the standard in space exploration and satellite deployment with its 47th Starlink launch of 2023. The successful deployment of 22 Starlink V2 Mini satellites is a testament to the company’s commitment to global broadband connectivity. With 74 launches this year and more than 900 metric tons sent to orbit, SpaceX’s achievements are a beacon of innovation and determination in the aerospace industry. As the company looks to the future with its Starship rocket and the potential deployment of Starlink V3 satellites, the sky is not the limit; it’s just the beginning.