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How To Use The Bing AI Image Creator

Microsoft’s Bing AI recently gained a new feature called Image Creator. As the name suggests, it produces pictures for users based on text prompts.

It is as simple to use as other text-to-image generators like DALL-E and Stable Diffusion. However, Bing sets itself apart because it is not limited to photos on the internet. 

The Bing AI Image Generator creates visual and written content within an online chat. As a result, “there are almost no limits to what you can search for and create.”

Microsoft removed the waitlist for Bing AI, so everyone can open the Image Creator via the standalone website and AI chat.

Begin using the image generator by opening your web browser and entering bing.com/create. Then, sign into your Microsoft account by clicking on the profile icon.
Create a new account if you don’t have one. Afterward, enter your request or prompt in the text bar and click the Create button.

Alternatively, you may hit the Surprise Me button to get a randomly generated prompt in the text bar and click the Create button.

Wait for the Bing AI Image Creator to produce your picture. You may click the Boost button instead of Create to get faster results, but you have a limited number of uses.

Eventually, you will receive four slightly different interpretations of your prompt. Click on a preferred picture to maximize it and then click the Download, Save, or Share button.
On the other hand, you can access the Image Creator in Bing AI chat. Note that you need the Microsoft Edge web browser for this method. 

It is built-in on Windows PCs, but you could easily download it on any browser. Start by opening Edge and entering bing.com/chat

You may also open Chat in the top navigation bar of the Bing homepage. Next, click the profile icon and sign into your Microsoft account.

Select the Creative conversation style and then enter your prompt. Lastly, click the Enter button and wait for the results. 

If you want better pictures, try making your prompts more detailed and submitting them. Continue the trial-and-error process until you get your desired results.

The Bing AI Image Creator generates pictures for free. Unlike other AI tools, it does not limit itself to online images. As a result, it might provide better results.

Moreover, the new feature makes Microsoft’s artificial intelligence more useful than ever. As a result, it further accelerates the adoption of AI worldwide.