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Fossil’s Farewell to Smartwatches: A Strategic Shift

Fossil, a prominent name in the smartwatch industry, has officially announced its exit from the smartwatch business, marking a significant shift in its product strategy. This decision comes after several years of Fossil’s notable presence in the Wear OS (Google’s wearable platform) landscape, where it emerged as a key player during the platform’s challenging phases. However, the company faced increasing competition, particularly after the debut of Wear OS 3 in 2021, which saw Fossil being overshadowed by brands like Samsung and the Google Pixel Watch.

Key Highlights:

  • Fossil ends production of Wear OS smartwatches.
  • The company to focus on traditional watches, jewelry, and leather goods.
  • Support for existing smartwatches to continue for the next few years.

The last major release from Fossil was the Gen 6 Wellness Edition, a Wear OS smartwatch that received mixed reviews. Following this, there was notable silence from the company regarding new smartwatch releases, accompanied by heavy discounting of existing models and the disappearance of many Gen 6 watches from their lineup. These signs, along with rumors circulating among Fossil’s retail staff, hinted at the company’s eventual withdrawal from the smartwatch market.

Fossil has clarified that this cessation includes not just Wear OS watches but also their Hybrid models, which blended traditional watch elements with e-paper displays. In a strategic move, Fossil Group is reallocating its resources to bolster its core business segments, which include traditional watches, jewelry, and leather goods. This realignment aims to capitalize on the growing opportunities in these areas, leveraging Fossil’s established expertise and market presence.

Despite stepping away from new smartwatch production, Fossil has committed to supporting its existing smartwatch models for the next few years. This support includes software updates and customer service, ensuring that current users of Fossil smartwatches will continue to enjoy their devices’ functionality and features for some time.

This development marks a significant change in the smartwatch industry, as Fossil’s departure leaves a gap in the market, particularly in the Wear OS segment. However, it also underscores the dynamic nature of the tech industry, where companies must continuously adapt and evolve to stay relevant and competitive.


Fossil’s strategic exit from the smartwatch business reflects a market realignment, focusing on their core strengths in traditional watches, jewelry, and leather goods. While the smartwatch market loses a key player, Fossil assures continued support for existing smartwatch models, ensuring a smooth transition for its customers and the brand.