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Space Shuttle Endeavour Ascends Again: A Historic Hoist at California Science Center

The recent hoisting of NASA’s retired Space Shuttle Endeavour into a vertical display at the California Science Center marks a significant moment in space exploration history. This monumental event not only showcases a pivotal piece of aerospace heritage but also symbolizes the ongoing quest for scientific knowledge and exploration.

Key Highlights:

  • NASA’s Space Shuttle Endeavour was carefully lifted into a vertical display at the California Science Center.
  • The Endeavour, measuring 122 feet long with a 78-foot wingspan, was mated to a large external fuel tank and two solid rocket boosters.
  • The display is set atop a massive 1,800-ton concrete slab, equipped with base isolators for earthquake protection.
  • Endeavour’s 25 missions between 1992 and 2011 are a testament to its significant role in space history.
  • The vertical display is part of the Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center, under construction at the Science Center.

A Monumental Achievement in Space Display

The careful hoisting of Endeavour is not just a technical achievement but also a moment of nostalgia and inspiration for space enthusiasts. The shuttle’s vertical positioning resembles its launch configuration, evoking memories of its glorious past missions. This display setup is unique among the retired NASA shuttles, offering a distinct perspective on the engineering marvel that Endeavour represents.

Endeavour’s Journey and Legacy

Endeavour’s journey to its current location was a spectacle in itself. After its retirement, it was flown to Los Angeles International Airport and then transported through the city streets to its current home. This shuttle, the last of its kind built, served NASA for nearly two decades, contributing to various space missions and research initiatives. Its new display honors these contributions and keeps the spirit of exploration alive.

The “Go for Stack” Process

The assembly of the shuttle in its vertical launch configuration, named “Go for Stack,” mirrors the process of preparing for an actual space mission. This setup includes authentic components from the shuttle system, like the rust-colored external tank, which was flight-qualified. The process began with the installation of the bottom segments of the side boosters and culminated with the Endeavour’s hoisting, a testament to precise engineering and careful planning.


The hoisting of Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center symbolizes a bridge between the past achievements and future aspirations of space exploration. This display not only commemorates the shuttle’s historical significance but also inspires new generations to look towards the stars with curiosity and ambition. As Endeavour stands tall, it continues to represent the limitless potential of human ingenuity and the enduring quest for knowledge.