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AWS’s New IPv4 Address Charge: A Strategic Shift in Internet Domain Management

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has introduced a pivotal change in its pricing structure that could significantly influence the landscape of internet domain management. Starting February 1, 2024, AWS will begin charging for the use of public IPv4 addresses, marking a strategic shift in the management and utilization of internet domains. This move has the potential to position AWS as a key player in the domain of internet domain authority, raising important discussions within the tech community regarding the future of IPv4 allocation and the broader push towards IPv6 adoption.

Key Highlights:

  • AWS to charge $0.005 per hour for each public IPv4 address.
  • The charge applies regardless of whether the IPv4 address is attached to a service.
  • This pricing strategy is in response to the increasing scarcity of IPv4 addresses.
  • AWS introduces tools to help users optimize their IPv4 address usage.
  • The decision encourages the transition towards IPv6 adoption.

Introduction to IPv4 Charging

In a bid to address the dwindling supply of IPv4 addresses and promote efficient usage, AWS has announced a new charge for public IPv4 addresses. This charge is set at $0.005 per IP per hour, applicable to all public IPv4 addresses, whether they are in use or not. This decision reflects AWS’s commitment to encouraging the adoption of IPv6 and optimizing internet resource management.

The Impact of IPv4 Charging

The decision by AWS to start charging for IPv4 addresses is expected to have several implications for businesses and the tech industry at large. For businesses, the immediate effect will be on their operational costs, particularly for those reliant on a large number of public IPv4 addresses. It could drive organizations to reassess their IP address usage, potentially leading to more efficient use of resources and a hastened transition to IPv6.

Optimization Tools and Strategies

In conjunction with the new charges, AWS has introduced tools designed to help users monitor and optimize their IPv4 address usage. These tools aim to provide insights into idle and active IP addresses, enabling users to make informed decisions about their IP management strategies. This move not only assists businesses in mitigating the financial impact of the new charges but also aligns with AWS’s broader goal of promoting sustainable and efficient use of internet resources.

Encouraging IPv6 Adoption

A significant aspect of AWS’s new pricing strategy is its potential to accelerate the adoption of IPv6. With IPv4 addresses becoming increasingly scarce and expensive, the transition to IPv6 offers a solution to the limitations of the current internet protocol. AWS’s charge on IPv4 addresses acts as a catalyst for this transition, pushing more businesses towards adopting IPv6 for its scalability and efficiency benefits.


AWS’s decision to charge for public IPv4 addresses represents a strategic move that could redefine the dynamics of internet domain management. By addressing the scarcity of IPv4 addresses and promoting efficient usage, AWS is not only positioning itself as a domain authority but also driving the tech industry towards a more sustainable future. This shift underscores the importance of IPv6 adoption and highlights AWS’s role in shaping the evolution of the internet’s infrastructure.