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Volley’s AI-Enabled Ball Machine Transforms Racquet Sports Training


In the dynamic world of racquet sports, a revolutionary training device is making waves. Volley, an innovative company, has introduced the first AI-enabled ball machine designed to elevate the training experience for players across various racquet sports. This high-tech system, leveraging cutting-edge technology, offers on-demand, live-play training and has been met with strong demand from professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Key Highlights:

  • Volley’s AI-enabled ball machine delivers personalized performance insights.
  • Early adoption across multiple programs in three states has shown impressive demand.
  • Participation in racquet sports has surged by at least 20% since 2019, with Volley contributing to this growth.
  • The system offers a dynamic and immersive training experience, simulating real match scenarios.

Volley has emerged from humble beginnings, evolving from a simple tennis ball machine to a sophisticated AI-powered trainer. This transformation was driven by the vision of CEO John Weinlader, whose initial frustrations with conventional training methods led to the creation of Volley. After three years of development and multiple prototypes, Volley’s Trainer is now a staple in numerous platform tennis courts, particularly in the northeast and Chicagoland area. The system’s AI capabilities allow for the simulation of a wide variety of shots and customizable practice programs, offering a more flexible and affordable solution for clubs and individual players alike.

Dynamic Training with Volley’s AI-Powered System

Volley’s Trainer system is distinguished by its flexibility and adaptability, designed to simulate an array of shots and provide customizable practice programs. This AI-powered technology goes beyond traditional training methods, enabling players to engage in simulations that mimic real match scenarios and enhance their playing experience. The accessibility and affordability of Volley’s Trainer system underscore the company’s commitment to making innovative technology widely available.

Paving the Way for Innovation in Racquet Sports

Through strategic partnerships and continuous expansion of its AI-enabled training systems, Volley is dedicated to transforming the racquet sports landscape. The company’s partnership with the American Platform Tennis Association underscores this commitment, demonstrating Volley’s role in driving innovation within the sector.

Volley’s introduction of an AI-enabled ball machine represents a significant leap forward in racquet sports training, offering players an unmatched level of dynamic, realistic practice opportunities. This technological advancement is not just about improving skills but also about making the training process more accessible and enjoyable for players at all levels​​​​.