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Siri’s Evolution to Mimic ChatGPT: A Glimpse into the Future

Siri's Evolution to Mimic ChatGPT

In a move that could significantly reshape the landscape of virtual assistants, Apple is reportedly on the brink of revolutionizing Siri to offer capabilities akin to the generative AI of ChatGPT. This transformation is expected to debut with the launch of iOS 18, marking a substantial leap in Siri’s functionality and its application across Apple’s ecosystem.

Key Highlights:

  • The next generation of Siri, anticipated to be unveiled at WWDC this year, is poised to be powered by a generative AI chatbot named AppleGPT.
  • Apple aims to surpass current generative AI systems by focusing on on-device processing and expanding beyond mere language processing to include AI-powered audio and video capabilities.
  • Siri’s overhaul is part of Apple’s broader AI ambitions, potentially making it a central figure in spatial computing and on devices like the Vision Pro.

In-Depth Analysis:

The Advent of AppleGPT

Apple has developed its own Large Language Model (LLM), internally dubbed AppleGPT, signifying a foundational shift towards integrating more sophisticated AI capabilities within Siri. This move aims to address criticisms of Siri’s performance relative to competitors by leapfrogging over existing technologies to offer a more seamless, privacy-centric, and versatile assistant .

On-Device Processing: A Privacy-Centric Approach

A defining feature of Apple’s approach is the emphasis on on-device processing. Unlike current generative AI systems, which rely on cloud-based processing, AppleGPT aims to operate directly on users’ devices. This strategy not only enhances privacy and operational speed but also presents significant technical challenges, given the memory constraints of mobile devices. The transition towards on-device processing is evident in the latest Apple Watch models, which introduced an offline version of Siri .

Beyond Language: Envisioning a Multifaceted Siri

Apple’s vision extends beyond language processing, aiming to incorporate AI-driven audio and video processing capabilities into Siri. This expansion could revolutionize how users interact with their devices, providing a more intuitive and context-aware assistant capable of understanding and responding to a broader range of user needs .

The Anticipation for iOS 18

The forthcoming iOS 18 update is expected to serve as the platform for launching this next-generation Siri. Analysts predict that the update, to be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference, will significantly feature generative AI enhancements, including the much-anticipated overhaul of Siri ​​.

A Real Force in the AI Arena

The reimagined Siri is not just about catching up with competitors but establishing a new standard for what virtual assistants can do. According to Dag Kittlaus, co-founder of the AI startup that Apple acquired to create Siri, the assistant is poised to become a “real force” in the AI space, offering new, useful, and unexpected large language model use cases. This development is backed by Apple’s significant investments in AI, highlighted by the neural engines in Apple Silicon​​.

This overhaul marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of virtual assistants, potentially setting a new benchmark for privacy, versatility, and user interaction. As Apple gears up for this significant update, the tech world eagerly awaits the official announcement, anticipating a shift in how we engage with our digital companions.


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