Home News Qatar Airways Introduces Sama 2.0: The Future of Flight Service

Qatar Airways Introduces Sama 2.0: The Future of Flight Service

Qatar Airways Introduces Sama 2.0 The Future of Flight Service

In a bold move that blends technology with hospitality, Qatar Airways has unveiled Sama 2.0, its advanced AI digital flight attendant, marking a significant step towards the future of airline customer service. This innovative assistant, showcased at the ITB conference in Berlin, represents a leap in digital interaction, offering passengers a unique blend of empathy, personalization, and real-time support. Sama 2.0, whose name translates to “sky” in Arabic, is not just any virtual assistant; it is a testament to Qatar Airways’ commitment to pioneering customer experience enhancements through technology.

Key Highlights:

  • Sama 2.0 Unveiled: Qatar Airways introduces the aviation industry’s first ‘digital human’ flight attendant.
  • A Collaboration with UneeQ: Developed with New Zealand-based tech firm UneeQ, Sama 2.0 offers human-like interactions.
  • Personalized and Empathetic Service: With lifelike facial expressions and simulated breathing, Sama aims to provide a more personal touch.
  • Backstory and Training: Sama comes with its own backstory, adding depth to its role as a flight attendant.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: Currently English-speaking, future updates will include Arabic and other languages with real-time translation.
  • From Virtual to Real-Time Interaction: Initially part of Qatar Airways’ virtual platform QVerse, Sama now engages in dynamic real-time conversations with customers.

Sama 2.0’s introduction is a strategic move by Qatar Airways to enhance passenger experience through the integration of cutting-edge technology. By focusing on personal connections and empathy, the airline seeks to elevate the standard of service, making every interaction with Sama not just informative but also genuinely engaging. Babar Rahman, Qatar Airways’ Vice President of Marketing, emphasizes that Sama embodies the airline’s innovation and dedication to providing exceptional customer service. As the digital assistant evolves, it will support multiple languages, further broadening its ability to assist a diverse passenger base.

This development aligns with Qatar Airways’ history of innovation and its continuous efforts to lead in the digital transformation of the aviation industry. As Sama 2.0 begins to interact with passengers, it sets a new benchmark for how airlines can utilize AI to improve customer engagement and service quality. This pioneering step forward not only enhances the travel experience for Qatar Airways’ passengers but also signals a future where digital and human interactions blend seamlessly in the service industry.


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