Home News ECARX Antora 1000 Computing Platform to Power Geely Galaxy E5

ECARX Antora 1000 Computing Platform to Power Geely Galaxy E5

ECARX Antora 1000 Computing Platform to Power Geely Galaxy E5

ECARX, a prominent global mobility technology provider, has announced that its latest Antora 1000 computing platform will be powering the new Geely Galaxy E5. This development marks a significant milestone in the integration of advanced digital cockpit solutions into modern vehicles.

Overview of Antora 1000

The Antora 1000 is part of ECARX’s fourth-generation digital cockpit computing platforms, featuring the high-performance SE1000 System-on-Chip (SoC). Developed in collaboration with SiEngine, this platform incorporates advanced hardware and software technologies designed to enhance in-vehicle experiences. The SE1000 SoC is built on a 7-nanometer process, featuring an 8-core central processing unit (CPU) and a 14-core graphics processing unit (GPU), ensuring robust performance for diverse automotive applications.

Key Features and Capabilities

The Antora 1000 platform is equipped with dual HiFi 5 independent digital signal processors (DSPs), which support immersive acoustic experiences and sophisticated voice sound functions. This setup significantly boosts the overall computing performance, enabling a rich and interactive cockpit environment. Additionally, the Antora 1000 supports extensive intelligent cockpit hardware configurations, ensuring compatibility with various vehicle models and enhancing the user experience with advanced infotainment and safety features.

Integration with Geely Galaxy E5

The Geely Galaxy E5, a new battery electric SUV, will be among the first vehicles to incorporate the Antora 1000 platform. This integration underscores Geely’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance vehicle intelligence and user experience. The Galaxy E5 features sleek LED headlights, hidden door handles, and a continuous LED light strip at the rear, embodying Geely’s futuristic design language.

The Antora 1000 platform will power the intelligent cockpit of the Galaxy E5, which includes the Flyme Auto in-car infotainment operating system. This integration promises a seamless and intuitive user experience, with features such as online navigation, voice commands, and advanced entertainment options.

Specifications of the Geely Galaxy E5

The Galaxy E5 measures 4,615mm in length, 1,901mm in width, and 1,670mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,750mm. It is positioned as a compact battery electric SUV, offering a single-motor version with a maximum power output of 160 kW. The vehicle is powered by a lithium iron phosphate environment, highlighting its focus on sustainable energy solutions.

The deployment of the ECARX Antora 1000 computing platform in the Geely Galaxy E5 represents a significant advancement in automotive technology, promising enhanced user experiences through its powerful computing capabilities and sophisticated design. This collaboration between ECARX and Geely is set to bring intelligent, high-performance vehicles to the global market, meeting the evolving demands of modern drivers.


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