Home News Speculation Brews Over M. Bison’s Role in Street Fighter 6

Speculation Brews Over M. Bison’s Role in Street Fighter 6

Speculation Brews Over M. Bison's Role in Street Fighter 6

The enigmatic and ever-iconic M. Bison, long recognized as the central antagonist of the Street Fighter series, remains absent from the initial roster of the eagerly awaited Street Fighter 6. Despite his significant legacy and the enigmatic allure of his Psycho Power, Capcom has chosen not to include him in the game’s launch or its early DLC plans.

Who is M. Bison?

M. Bison, also known as the Dictator, has been a central figure in the Street Fighter series, known for his overwhelming ambition and mastery of Psycho Power—a sinister energy drawn from negative emotions. His history is marked by resurrection through different bodies, indicating his persistent threat within the series.

Current Status in Street Fighter 6

While M. Bison’s storyline appeared to conclude with his death in Street Fighter 5, hints and teasers suggest potential future inclusion as a DLC character. The game’s narrative progression, post-Street Fighter 3, leaves room for creative reintroductions, keeping fans on edge about his possible return.

The Emergence of JP: A New Threat

Interestingly, “Street Fighter 6” introduces a new character, JP, who shares several traits with M. Bison, including the infamous Psycho Power. JP has become the game’s new antagonist, following the narrative void left by Bison’s absence. While JP is not directly related to M. Bison, he continues the legacy of Shadaloo’s dark dealings and has stirred significant curiosity about his true identity and motivations within the game’s universe​

The Role of JP and Psycho Power

In Street Fighter 6, JP emerges as a new villain, wielding Psycho Power and filling the narrative void left by Bison. Intriguingly, JP’s backstory intertwines with Bison’s legacy, adding layers to the unfolding saga and fueling speculation about Bison’s influence and potential return through new characters.

While M. Bison is currently not part of Street Fighter 6, the door remains open for his dramatic return. Capcom’s strategic storytelling and character development continue to tease the fanbase, suggesting that the Dictator’s influence still looms large over the Street Fighter universe.


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