Home News Adobe Amends Terms of Service, Ensuring No AI Training on User Content

Adobe Amends Terms of Service, Ensuring No AI Training on User Content

Adobe Amends Terms of Service, Ensuring No AI Training on User Content

In a recent update to its terms of service, Adobe has made it clear that it will not use customer content to train its generative AI models, such as Firefly. This move comes after significant backlash from the user community over potential privacy and ownership concerns. The updated terms now explicitly state that Adobe does not assume ownership of user content and restricts the use of this content strictly to operational purposes like improving services and software.

Adobe’s decision appears to be a response to the increasing sensitivity around data privacy and the ethical use of AI. By clarifying its stance, Adobe aims to rebuild trust among its vast user base, reassuring them that their creative outputs remain their own. The company has emphasized that any access to user content will be for enhancing user experience and maintaining the functionality of its cloud-based services, such as enabling advanced features like Photoshop Neural Filters and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

Ownership and Use of Content

Adobe has been explicit in its reassurances that it does not claim ownership of user content. The updated terms require a limited license to access user content strictly for operational improvements and compliance with legal standards, not for creating new AI models. This is a standard practice in the tech industry, aimed at enhancing user experience and ensuring the platform’s security against abusive content

Enhancing Transparency

In response to feedback and to dispel the fears of their creative community, Adobe has updated its communication about how and when user content might be accessed. These updates clarify that such access is limited to necessary operations such as editing or preview generation and include stringent checks for content compliance with legal standards​

This updated policy is part of Adobe’s broader commitment to ethical AI use, as it seeks to balance innovation with user rights. The clarification also includes details about manual and automated content reviews that are conducted for safety and compliance purposes.

Adobe’s proactive approach in detailing these policies shows an effort to maintain transparency with its users, aiming to avoid misunderstandings and to foster a more informed user community.


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