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Ways to Earn Crypto with Sports

Cryptocurrency is proving to be a normal payment medium in the 21st century. Many people have embraced this digital currency in daily financial transactions, including NFL lines wagers. You are being left behind if you don’t own any form of cryptocurrency.

Even in the world of sports, cryptocurrency is widespread. There are many ways you can earn crypto with sports. If you are into sports in one way or another, this article will show you how to make crypto from it.

Get Salary/Wages in Crypto

If you are a sportsperson, you can choose to be paid your salary and wages in crypto form. We have seen many athletes coming out to accept payment in bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency.

Clay Thompson (Basketball), Andre Iguodala (basketball), Shohei Ohtani (baseball), and Aaron Rodgers (American Football) are some of the notable athletes who decided to receive their salaries in Bitcoin. 

They have their reasons, but it is primarily due to the nature of cryptocurrency value to appreciate with time. It is risky but worth it.

UFC fighters were set to receive bonuses in bitcoin. First, second, and third-placed fighters received USD 30,000, USD 20,000, and USD 10,000 worth of bitcoin, respectively. This was after the partnership of UFC and Crypto.com materialized.

If you are a sports reporter, you can also decide to be paid your salary in crypto. The best way to do this is by partnering with platforms that allow you to buy crypto directly with funds in your bank account, like CashApp.

Digital Sports’ Channel

You can have digital channels with sports content for people to consume. Many people consume content (sports included) on digital platforms as others explore the NFL Odds. You can have a blog or a YouTube Channel.

In the case of a blog, you can partner with services like Google Adwords. Google Adwords pays you per the traffic that your website gets. They place adverts on your website for people to view, and the more the views, the more the payment. It is upon you to do marketing for your website to have massive traffic.

For YouTube, you’ll need to create video content on sports. YouTube pays you for the number of views that your video attracts. 

You’ll have to be proactive in marketing your channel before you can rip big from it. For all these digital channels, you can have the option of payment in cryptocurrency.


For those who are into online video games, you should be able to earn from them. The good thing is that Esports is already here with us. Many video games have leagues for you to participate in.

League of Legends World Championship is one of the most famous esports leagues. It is held annually. In 2021, the prize money for the tournament was USD 7.82 million.

Video Game App

You can develop video game apps and earn when people install and play games on the app. This is actualized by partnering with sponsors through adverts. Their adverts run when someone is playing a game, and the more the advert views, the more you earn.

This method of earning crypto will demand that you have a vast knowledge of coding and computers. You can partner with other developers to create applications that will attract more people, for instance, an app that features Vegas NFL odds or soccer odds.

Fitness Apps

Developers have come up with ways to motivate people to use their apps. For instance, some apps reward you in crypto for using them to keep fit. How good is that?

Fitcoin tracks your heart rate and duration of physical activity. You earn fitcoin tokens, which you can convert to bitcoin. Lifecoin follows your steps on outdoor activities like jogging and walking and converts them to lifecoin tokens to be converted to crypto.

Other fitness apps include Sweatcoin, Wellcoin, and ActFit.

Crypto Games

In regular video games, players cannot use rewards from one game in another. But for crypto games, one can use their rewards interchangeably between different crypto games. 

A player can buy characters, modify them to better ones, and sell them at a higher value, like in the case of the Axie Infinity crypto game.

Sell Sports Merchandise on E-commerce Platforms

Many e-commerce platforms accept payments in crypto. WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento Overstock.com, and BigCommerce are some platforms. You can partner with them and sell sports items like shoes, jerseys, and socks.