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Top 10 Football Fan Tokens By Market Capitalization

Cryptocurrency is becoming a big deal in sports, and many sporting brands are already entering the market. Before now, we had sports betting sites giving us the chance to be on our score predictions with crypto. As a result, we continue to enjoy some of the best offers the crypto world has.

But now, we have many football teams that have taken full advantage of the world of crypto and given us some incredible offers that we can’t say no to. These teams now have fan tokens that come with incredible benefits, giving owners exclusive rights that they can use to vote on some things. Therefore, they are becoming a big deal in the sporting world.

In that case, if you want to get started with football fan tokens, you should ensure that you take the time to find the one that works for you. What you should do is check out the top options and pick based on their popularity. 

Also, you can go for the ones with huge market capitalization. In that case, here are the top 10 football fan tokens by market capitalization. 

CITY – Manchester City  Fan Token

In the number one spot, we have the Manchester City fan token with a $53.95m market capitalization value and have been on a roll for the past few days. And even with the current downturn, the token is not doing badly, and we continue to see some growth as the price fluctuates around $5 per token.  

PORTO – Porto Fan Token

Following the Manchester City fan token on the log is the PORTO token for one of the biggest teams in Portugal. The current market capitalization for this incredible fan token is $43.42m, and even though it has suffered a heavy hit, thanks to the recent market crash, the fan token is still one of the highest in market cap. 

PSG – Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token

Paris Saint-Germain has become one of the most successful clubs in France, and a UCL win will take them to the top as the biggest team in the country. As a result, they have built a massive fan base, and the fans can enjoy their incredible fan token, which is currently the third-highest in market cap with $43.34M. 

LAZIO – S.S. Lazio Fan Token

Following the PSG token is the token from S.S. Lazio, a top team in the Italian Serie A with a great pedigree and top-notch history. The LAZIO fan token has a market capitalization of about $35.63M and has experienced short-term growth, even in the crazy market crash, and continues to offer holders some incredible features. 

BAR – FC Barcelona Fan Token

Barcelona is undoubtedly a massive team in Europe and around the world. They have fans all over the planet, and many would love to be part of the team’s story, which is what the BAR token offers players. In that case, the token has experienced incredible growth, and its market capitalization is currently at about $29.68M. 

INTER – Inter Fan Token

Three-time UCL champions Inter Milan are following Barcelona on this list, who have become a powerhouse in the Italian Serie A. The team now has its fan token, and it is currently selling at $2.70 per one. And it has a market capitalization of about $26.04m, making it one of the top fan tokens on the market today. 

SANTOS – Santos FC Fan Token

The Brazilian soccer team, Santos FC, is a top-notch team that has won the league multiple times and dominated the South American champions league competition. The team has a fan token with its market capitalization at about $21m+, and its current price is trading at $3.68 a pop.  

TRA – Trabozanspor Fan Token

In Turkey, a few teams have fan tokens available, and one of the top teams that you can check out their token is Trabozanspor; as it stands, the TRA token is the highest for Turkish football teams. The market capitalization for TRA is currently at about $20.70m, putting it among the top 10 football fan tokens on the market today.   

ACM – AC Milan Fan Token

Another Italian Serie A giant that made it into our list is AC Milan, the biggest team in Italy based on the number of UCL trophies won. In addition, their token’s current market capitalization puts them at number two in Italy, recorded at about $19.86m.  

ATM – Atletico Madrid Fan Token

The last name on our list is the Atletico Madrid Fan token, which is affordable for about $3.38 per token and has hit its biggest market volume recently as it went up to over $7m. Its market value is set at $11.62m, and with its current growth rate, we can see it climb the ladder very soon.