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Stellar Repair for Photo Software – A Review

We all have tons of photos and videos in our storage that reflect almost every aspect of our lives. After all, taking an image or shooting a video is so very easy in the digital age. However, as images keep piling up with each passing day, there is every chance of the image files getting corrupted or damaged. The effect of this might be varied, which includes pictures becoming hazy or distorted, to getting outright inaccessible as well, with error messages getting shown each time you try to open the file. It is here that software applications such as the Stellar repair for photos come into the picture. Read on to find out if the Stellar Repair for Photo software is worth your time and money.

The Stellar Repair for Photo Software – An Introduction

The Stellar Repair for Photo software comes across as a simple yet highly effective tool that can not only repair distorted or damaged image files but can also retrieve those in case you have accidentally deleted any. It is equally effective on almost all storage types available in almost all digital devices. Those can range from smartphones and computer hard drives, pen drives, SSDs, SD cards, USB flash drives, and so on. It can work on even non-bootable as well as encrypted drives or RAID and virtual drives as well. The device types can also include Android and iPhone smartphones, DSLRs, action cameras, tablets, CCTVs to even drones as well. It offers a plethora of advanced tools to get its job done and has a version available for both Windows and Mac.

Advanced features

One of the best things about the Stellar Repair for Photo tool is the several advanced features it comes with. That way, the software can repair almost any number of images of multiple formats at the same time. It can repair or retrieve damaged, corrupted, broken, or deleted files from any storage type used on any digital device. With image files that might have been severely corrupted, the software works on repairing those by extracting the embedded thumbnail while ensuring there is no loss in visual fidelity.

The software will be equally effective with even those image files that might have corrupt data or header, one that has its SOS marker missing or invalidated, or the image file structure becoming invalid. The software can work wonders on images that are barely perceptible. This can be particularly applicable to old images that look fuzzy, faded, blurry, grainy, tinted, and such. In other words, the software is capable of bringing to life almost any image from any situation.

Then there is the Advanced Repair option as well which can work its magic on even severely corrupted JPEG or JPG image files. It does so by creating what it calls the ‘sample file’ which provides the information for fixing corruption issues in the JPEG files. The software will also provide you with a preview of the restored files so that inconsistencies if any, can be detected before those are saved. Another huge positive with the Stellar Repair for Photo Software is its simple user interface which is easy and inviting to use.

Performance and efficiency

The Stellar Repair for Photo Software is fast and effective though that is achieved by consuming a lot of system resources. That again is hardly surprising considering that that happens to be the special trait of almost all repair and recovery software worth it’s salt. In any case, photo and video editing is a resource intensive procedure, and restore and recovery software is perhaps even more so.

That way, it would be best to use the software in exclusion while keeping off other resource intensive applications at bay, at least till Stellar is in operation. As for its efficiency, it is easily among the best when it comes to both repairing or retrieving old and worn out or lost images.

Operating the Stellar Repair for Photo Software

The point to note here is the sheer simplicity of the Stellar Repair for Photo software. Things start with the user interface that is both intuitive and inviting. Everything is self-descriptive so that you can get started with it right away. All that you have to do after you have downloaded and installed the software on your system is select the image type that you wish to repair and guide the software to the specific location where the image is located. Once the repair process has started, you will be presented with a sample of the repaired files. You can then save the repaired files to your desired location. All of it is as simple as that.

Pricing structure

The Standard version of the Stellar Repair for Photo Software comes for $29. This being the lowest priced plan, options are limited so that you get to work largely on image files, which includes repairing damaged and corrupt image files.

The Professional version comes next which is priced at $59 and allow for not only repairing of images but also recovering deleted photos as well. Plus, the plan, allows you to work on video files as well.

Lastly, there is the Premium version which is priced at $69 and happens to be the most advanced version of the Stellar Repair for Photo Software. With the Premium tier, you not only get to repair corrupt photos and videos but also retrieve deleted photos and videos as well.


The Stellar Repair for Photo Software is one of the best you can have when it comes to repairing or recovering damaged and corrupt videos and photos. It is simple to use but does a great job behind the scenes and can work wonders with your worn-out or damaged images and videos. That said, all of it comes for a price and as mentioned above, it isn’t exactly cheap. If that is not an issue, you can rely on the Stellar Repair for Photo Software to make your old photos and videos come alive again.