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Microsoft reported to be installing Office web apps on Windows 10 devices without user’s permission

Some users have reported they had Office progressive web apps installed on their Windows 10 devices without them being taken into confidence by Microsoft. Apps being installed include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

As Windows Latest reported, the said apps have suddenly appeared on the Start menu with ‘New’ mentioned below them indicating they have only recently been added to the device. Likewise, the app entries can also be seen in the Programs and Features section where those are marked out as recently installed.

If that is not all, some users even stated their devices were forced restarted to allow for the web apps to install on their devices. In none of the instances, Microsoft is known to have obtained explicit permission from the device owners before installing the apps.

Microsoft is yet to respond to the development though it is known that all of this forms part of an experiment where the apps were supposed to be installed on Windows 10 devices that are part of the Windows Insider program. However, from what is evident, even non-insiders too are getting the update.

It is not known if this is purely a mistake or if all of it is a deliberate attempt on part of the Redmond based company to help its web apps reach a wider user base. None should have any complaints with the Office apps being made available on their devices though the manner those are being delivered to user’s devices does raise privacy concerns.

For those not in the knowing, Progressive Web Apps are applications that run on a browser such as Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Google Chrome already comes pre-installed with web apps. However, anyone who wants to use the Microsoft Office web apps needs to have a Microsoft account and are required to install the apps manually to use them. Such apps are free too.

Microsoft, meanwhile, had earlier been accused of forcing users to upgrade to Windows 10, a controversial move it had backtracked from following huge protests. However, it remains to be seen if the latest move is intentional or purely an accident. Either way, those users who have the PWAs installed on their devices can always uninstall them from the Settings > Apps & Features section.