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Microsoft is offering an Xbox All Access bundle at no upfront cost in partnership with GameStop

Microsoft announced it has entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with GameStop that will see the game retailer offering an ‘Xbox All Access’ bundle at no upfront costs. The bundle will include an Xbox console along with access to a two-year digital subscription.

It is not known though if Microsoft will be including the latest Xbox Series X console. Also, with no upfront cost being involved, there likely will be a flexible repayment option for Microsoft to recover the cost while still making it lucrative for the gamers. In any case, the package is still enticing considering that users will also be getting access to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan, which can be considered a Netflix-like gaming subscription plan from Microsoft.

The Redmond-based company however stated they are excited about ‘continuing and evolving [the] relationship for the launch of the Xbox Series’. The new Xbox Series X consoles are due out November 10 and that points to the likely scenario of the company even offering the latest console as well.

In any case, the deal will also see GameStop going for rejuvenation of sorts. That includes upgrading its e-commerce site to allow for a more interactive experience for both the users as well as the company. GameStop will also be using Microsoft cloud software and hardware in its stores to provide for what is being termed as the ultimate gaming destination for gamers.

It is the Microsoft Dynamic 365 cloud-based business app suite that would be put to use to ensure a standard operating environment for both the back-store and in-store operations. That would cover almost all aspects of the store’s operations, stretching from inventory, retail, sale to finance, and e-commerce as well.

The deal will also see the widespread application of Microsoft Surface laptop and convertible devices in the store for both customer and staff operations. Instant messaging application Teams will be integrated to allow for the over 30,000 staff to communicate and collaborate to ensure a more productive environment at each stage of store operations.

On the whole, the deal envisages a win-win solution for both Microsoft and GameStop. While the latter will get to use Microsoft hardware and software expertise to overhaul its entire online and offline operations, the Xbox maker will have access to a huge customer base of hardcore gamers to push forward its console and gaming subscription business. That GameStop has sufficient leverage with gamers worldwide is evident from the fact that it happens to be the largest video game retailer and has over 5,000 stores in 10 countries worldwide.

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