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The Microsoft Office suite or individual Office apps for iPhone, which one makes more sense

The Microsoft Office Suite happens to be one of the most sought after productivity suite the world over. Companies and individuals rely on it to get their work done.

While it was previously restricted to only Microsoft devices, it has since long been made available on rival platforms as well.

Take for instance the MS Office app for the iPhone. Users in fact have the option to either download and install the MS Office suite or opt for individual installation of the separate Office apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Both come free though you need a paid subscription to access all the features.

Rather, the free installation of the Office app does not make much sense as it won’t get any meaningful job done. For instance, with the free Word app installation, you won’t be able to save a document or make edits to it. Of what real-world use the app would be if you can edit or save a document in the first place? The same is the case with Outlook that will not let you send emails unless you have a paid subscription.

As Business Insider reported, the combined Office app can still provide some functionality in the free version though you will always have access to advanced features if you log in with valid Microsoft 365 credentials. There are other benefits to using the Office suite in that it takes up less space than if you choose to install the individual apps.

Another advantage with the Office suite is that provides for unified working experience as several of the features of each app are intertwined. With separate apps, you will have to launch a different app each time you need collaboration between the different apps. At a monthly fee of $6.99 or $69.99 when paid for an entire year, the Microsoft 365 subscription break your bank as well.