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The Most Popular Games On Android for Illinois

Mobile game apps are divisive in the way they are referred to. Some folks refer to them as games and others brand them mobile games. There are also who call them game apps.

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what you call them. Mobile games, games, or mobile game apps are among the Android applications most enjoyed by users. There are sports apps that keep fans updated on scores, standings, and what have you, while there are also plenty of betting apps through which they can make (or lose) money.

Such apps are obviously more popular in states that have legalized betting, such as Illinois. As such, Illinois sports betting apps are pretty big.

As for games, they are popular just about everywhere, though some of them can only be played in certain regions.

That said, let’s take a look at some of the best games and betting apps available in 2022.

Call of Duty Mobile

This is one of the top games available to Android users at the moment. The Call of Duty franchise is one of the more popular names in the gaming sphere and gamers must have been pleased to learn that a free version of the game was going to be released at the time it was announced.

COD Mobile is a shooter game boasting remarkable graphics, movement, and a vast array of weapons.

While the game is free, players can purchase skins, weapons, and other perks, while there is a battle pass that allows for the collection of some pretty great rewards every time a tier is reached.


The DraftKings app has all of the features you need to make a difference in your sports betting.

You can watch live betting events and place bets on sports or eSports, as well as watch live event streams, arrange early cash-outs, and play fantasy sports with the DraftKings app. Nonetheless, event selection is one of the app’s main features.

It’s also possibly the best boxing betting app among Android sports betting apps. The app’s unique betting options are unprecedented, making it a thrilling experience for pros and newbies alike. As with all betting portals, new signups have the advantage of some of the most attractive promotions and bonuses betting has to offer.

Among Us

People familiar with tabletop games like Werewolf or Mafia should find Among Us a pretty good one. The title didn’t release to a great reception but started making waves once a few streamers began bringing in views while playing it.

Social deduction games can be pretty entertaining for viewers so Among Us eventually became a favorite among gamers.

If games requiring cooperation and backstabbing happen to be among those you like, then you’ll probably enjoy Among Us. It’s free to play but, like COD Mobile, it’s also monetized.


Betway is entirely functional for all Android users who have received the 4.1 system update, which means you can easily install it given that we’re in 2022.

It has everything you need to have a completely enjoyable experience in the current era. A live game window is visible to offer the ongoing events from the moment you log into the app. You can easily place your first live bet using the live betting window without even opening the app.

For its eSports betting and other sections, the Betway app ranks among the best sports betting apps for Android. Other sections include the casino, which features live casino games like Roulette and Blackjack.

Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO was a major hit when it dropped in the summer of 2016. It was nearly impossible to walk through a city without spotting groups of people trying to catch Pokémon. It even made law enforcement work harder as people would compromise their own safety in search of rare finds.

Developers Niantic, though, didn’t snatch the advantage while they were ahead and got pretty complacent. Gamers experienced lots of bugs, to the point of giving up. It took quite a while for the game to be updated into the stable version we have today.

The game has retained its popularity, in spite of Niantic dragging its feet and showing no shame when it comes to monetization. Pokémon GO is still the most played augmented reality title around and the titles Niantic have launched since its release still don’t compare. People are still out there collecting Pokémon.