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Cryptocurrency Siacoin – course

Cryptocurrency Siacoin (SC) is a token of the block platform of the same name for storing files in a decentralized network. The service offers users the ability to securely store information at a price lower than its centralized competitors, such as Dropbox, Google, or Apple iCloud.

Moreover, Sia supports both bilateral contracts and bilateral payment channels.

Transactions on the network occur instantly and without additional fees. You will check here SiaCoin Price Prediction.

The essence of the idea is simple – some computer users (hosts) provide free hard disk space for general use and receive a reward for this. Others (renter) – the required amount of space is rented from the network for a fee.

These two roles can be combined if desired. The idea of ​​​​such a project appeared several years ago – back in 2013. And the network was launched in May 2015. The system’s blockchain stores not only ongoing transactions but also contracts concluded between users.

A Brief History and Worldview of Godex.io

The owners of Godex.io call themselves “industrialists,” referring to their considerable weight and experience in the crypto industry. Deep knowledge of the market and communication with the leading players helped form the basic principles for providing services and make them necessary and attractive to customers.

The company owners claim that they just created a service they wanted to use: simple, fast, and reliable. They have implemented the “customer personalization” principle – the epitome of perfect customer service.

The development of Godex.io began with a list of business needs. Numerous surveys show that there are three main criteria that crypto traders are guided by when choosing an exchanger: good rates, transaction speed, and service reliability. Each client of a crypto exchanger wants to receive money quickly and safely without overpaying. Godex.io tracks accumulate and analyze exchange rates from polkadot vs Solana and many other partners to provide its clients with the best possible price.

Considering the nature of the crypto market, Godex.io abandoned the idea of ​​collecting and storing customers’ personal information; that is, the service respects information containing financial secrets. In addition, this approach reduces the risks associated with hacker attacks and information leakage: it is simply impossible to obtain confidential information from a website.

What is Godex.io?

Now Godex.io is one of the fastest exchange services on the market – the order execution time varies from 5 to 30 minutes and depends on the speed of confirmation in the decentralized network; that is, for amounts exceeding 1 BTC, for example, it is slightly longer. The reliability of the service is based on modern security protocols and the physical protection of servers.