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What to do With Old Blog Posts That Are Not Getting Any Visitors?

As writers, we do business sharing ideas and perspectives.

We are always looking for new ideas to share with you.

Later, we will promote them via our social media channels and then share them to increase traffic.

Marketers are hard at work to keep readers interested and keep them returning for more.

While we are busy generating new ideas for content marketing strategies, we often forget the treasure trove of information that we already have deep in our archives.

The archives of blogs that are older will be more detailed.

We sometimes abandon the blog posts we once wrote with great passion. This blog post once generated a lot more traffic to our sites.

This was once a great way to increase our subscribers’ lists.

I was not different when I started blogging seven years ago.

I did the exact same thing. I used to post 3-7 times per Week.

And the more I wrote, the more gems were buried in my archives.

It wasn’t too long ago that it dawned on me what I was missing.

My site crashed several months ago. It was, to my surprise, due to traffic.

I was happy and surprised.

I shared the news of the problem with a few of my closest friends and spent the rest of the day fixing it.

But what really surprised me was that the crash was caused by my old blog post.

This blog post has been read more than 400,000 times, and it has helped me get over 1000+ new subscribers.

This made me reevaluate my blog posts.

I had many questions about older blog posts, so I did my research. Here’s my take on it.

Why Don’t You Give Up Your Old Blog Posts?

It is easy to forget the blog posts you wrote last Week, a month, or a year ago.

It was a great blog post, and it has had its time.

You’d rather spend time writing about something new than promoting an older blog post.

Right? Wrong!

It could cost you conversions and ROI by not maintaining and managing your content. You are not only abandoning blog posts you don’t need anymore, but you also miss out on the potential to reach more people through blog posts. If you’re short on time, considering buying fresh content from Article Market, a marketplace to buy SEO friendly articles at cheap rates.

Here are some reasons to keep your old blog posts intact:

It has an impact on your brand image.

Internet users have become increasingly impatient over the years.

Why wouldn’t they?

They have millions upon millions of choices. If they don’t like you in just 2 seconds, they will move on to other websites. It’s simple, you know.

You could lose a customer.

A website blog that isn’t maintained can have a major impact on your brand.

Would you be interested in reading a blog post written and published three or four years ago? It’s not possible!

You will avoid clicking on a blog article that was published 5+ years ago and still ranks high on Google SERP. This is because, even though the idea is old, you would want to be able to access the most recent information.


Here is a screenshot showing the Google search results page.

Wouldn’t you rather click on a blog that was just published a few weeks ago than the one marked red?

“Keeping an updated blog: What to do when you have old blog posts?” was published three years ago. Even if the idea was timeless, users wouldn’t prefer to read it.

Does this mean that this blog post has no value?


It is outdated. You could appear untrustworthy if your blog contains outdated information.

If you are able to make the most of an old blog, such as this one, that appears on the first Google page, it has a lot of potentials. Content marketing does more than just include putting in new content. It also includes optimizing your existing content. Don’t just dump your old blog posts; constantly refurbish them.

Your following has grown.

Since you started blogging, you have slowly been growing your following. You didn’t have nearly as many followers then you do today. This means that your new followers haven’t read your old blog articles or may never be capable of reading them, as they are stored in your archives. Promoting your old blog articles allows your subscribers and new followers to see them. This will increase the credibility of your blog and improve your views.

SEO has changed

SEO has changed. SEO techniques that worked 10+ years ago may not still work today. Google also changes its algorithm every two days. This makes it more difficult for the older blog post to rank higher and stay on Google’s first page.

What Should You Do With Your Old Blog Posts?

Rehashing Old Blog Posts

Do you sell your car to get a new paint job, or do you keep it?

I think so. It can be fixed, and you can keep driving it.

You can buy blog posts in order to regularly put out fresh content.

Fortune says old blog posts are like “golden magnets” that can drive tons and lots of traffic.

But how can that be done?

Simply keep them alive!

You can also update an older post and publish it again. You can also modify the title and date of publication to drive traffic. These minor tweaks can help you keep the old gems afloat and increase traffic.

You can also take a single idea out of an old blog post and create a new one. This allows you to link both posts and drives traffic to your original post. Voila!

Internal linking is the best way to go.

The foundation of digital marketing is internal linking.

It is a great way to increase search rankings and get traffic to your other blog posts. To drive your new audience to older blog posts, you can use internal linking.

This gives your audience the option to click or not on a hyperlink. It provides a great user interface. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to link your blog posts. Don’t forget to link to your previous posts to bring traffic to your old blogs.

Let your masterpieces make the first good impression.

No matter how many blogs and posts you have written, you will always have a few favorites. Each of us has a few content pieces we love more than others.

Michelangelo’s “David,” while DaVinci’s “Mona Lisa” was his. You might also have pieces that stand out from the rest.

You should place these masterpieces in front so they are easily accessible to new visitors.

Remember, your masterpieces should make a good impression.

SmartBlogger has highlighted its popular blog posts right here:

Fizzle is another example. You can also find its popular posts on our homepage.

The same goes for your homepage. You can create a section dedicated to showcasing your masterpieces.

Never Stop Promoting Your Old Blog Posts

Let’s face things; you wouldn’t spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a blog post that dies quickly after being rolled off Google’s initial page.

Instead, you will want to invest your money and time in creating a blog that can generate traffic for years to come.

We get so caught up in promoting our ideas that we begin to take our old content as a given. Or should we say we consider them useless and choose not to address them?

But that’s false!

Your old posts can be a great source of traffic if you share them.

If it’s not easily accessible by your audience, then how can you expect that it will be of any use?

You can promote the product on social media such Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Make sure it’s exciting and new for your new followers. It will catch their attention.

Email marketing is a great way to get traffic to your masterpieces.

Email marketing can be a great way of attracting the attention your subscribers and followers.

You can target old and/or new readers by sending emails, and attaching the link to one your old posts.

Present Your Old Blog Post in A New Format

81% of internet users only skim over the content they read. People today prefer visual content such as images, videos infographics, memes, GIFs, and infographics.

This allows for you to display your old posts in a new format that will drive traffic.

You don’t need to stick with the same old text. Be creative and innovative.

Make an infographic with your old posts, and share them.

You will be shocked at the conversion rate.

I created videos using old blog posts that I published on YouTube. I also embedded the videos in my blog, generating tons of visitors.

The Bottom Line

Imagine if classic American TV shows like Friends or I Love Lucy were never viewed by you simply because you weren’t born during that time.

It would be a suck.

They are timeless classics and are just as valuable today as they were in the past ten, twenty, or thirty years ago. They aren’t less valuable just because they’re old.

The same applies to your blogs.

Many content pieces you wrote many years ago still have their originality. This is why you should pay attention. Rehash them, update them, and then repost. Do what you can to bring them up. Don’t let them go.

It’s all about your hard work in end.