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Samsung predicts Apple will launch a foldable device by 2024

Samsung predicts Apple will be launching its foldable device by 2024. The company also stated it isn’t likely to be a foldable iPhone that Apple will come up with. Rather, it is touted to be a foldable tablet or a notebook device that the Cupertino giant might be working on. Samsung made the revelation while speaking to its suppliers wherein it also stated it expects the foldable smartphone market to have a CAGR of 80 percent by 2025.

The South Korean conglomerate also stated a growing trend among the 20 or 30 something young generation in the country has been to upgrade to the latest generation of Samsung foldable phones. This applies to even those who might be using an iPhone at the moment and it is happening at three or even four times the rate at which it took place before. Further, Samsung also believes about 90 percent of those who have gotten used to a foldable device are likely to stick to the same with their next smartphone purchase as well.

As of now, the foldable smartphone market accounts for just about 1 percent of the entire smartphone market but that is poised to grow exponentially in the coming days. Samsung however believes there still are a few hurdles that could prevent the segment to grow at a rate it otherwise has the potential to grow at. That includes the weight and thickness of the foldable phones which are quite on the higher side.

Plus, the foldable phones need to be more durable as well, while the display too should ideally not develop a crease after repeated folding action. A specific internal slot for the stylus would also be a nice addition in future iterations of the Samsung foldable. Among the other desirable changes expected with future foldable phones include a more powerful vibration motor.

Samsung is reported to have junked the idea of an internal slot for the stylus as well as the incorporation of a more capable camera just to keep the weight and thickness down. While we have come to be used to thinner smartphones in recent times, the one problem with foldable is that the same in its folded state doubles the thickness and is quite ungainly in that form. It now remains to be seen how things sum up with the future versions of foldable smartphones.