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Apple Announces Major Updates for the Music App at WWDC 2024

Discover the latest Apple Music features announced at WWDC 2024, including AI-powered playlists, enhanced UI, collaborative playlists, and high-resolution audio.

Apple May Release a Foldable iPhone in 2025: What We Know So Far

Apple may release a foldable iPhone in 2025, potentially revolutionizing the smartphone market with a new design and advanced features.

WWDC 2024: Apple Teases iOS 18 Updates, Promises Advanced Siri and AI-Powered Apps

Discover the latest updates from WWDC 2024 as Apple unveils iOS 18 with AI-powered Siri and enhanced apps. Learn about the new features and improvements.

Apple Explores Removable Batteries for iOS Devices Amid EU Regulations

Discover how Apple is adapting to new EU regulations by exploring removable batteries for iOS devices, including the impact on AirPods and user experience.

macOS 15: Innovation with a New Look at the Calculator App

Explore the upcoming changes in macOS 15, including a revamped Calculator app with enhanced features, set to debut in 2024.

Apple Pulls iPhone GBA Emulator: Not About Piracy but Policy

Apple has removed the Delta Emulator from the App Store, not due to piracy concerns, but because of its distribution through an unofficial app store. This move affects iOS gamers who use emulators for classic games.

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