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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra tipped to come with the brightest display ever

Fresh rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S23 have emerged online claiming the upcoming flagship phone will have the brightest display among its peers. According to what a tipster shared on Twitter, Galaxy S23 Ultra which is going to be the most up-market flagship model due out in 2023 will have a peak brightness setting of 2150 nits. This, if true, will make for a considerable improvement over the 1700 nits that the Galaxy S22 Ultra is capable of.

The tipster also revealed the peak brightness can be further enhanced to 2200 nits or maybe even higher though the minimum it is expected to be is 2100 nits. Samsung is believed to be working with various settings to arrive at one that allows for the perfect balance of user convenience, a bright display, and acceptable battery life. All of this at least points to one certainty, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is going to be at the top when it comes to smartphones having the brightest displays. That way, it would better even the iPhone 14 Pro Max as well which tops out at 2000 nits.

The S23 Ultra is otherwise touted to come with a 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display having QHD+ resolution. The curved display is also rumored to have a 120 Hz refresh rate. Other specs currently being associated with the S23 Ultra include a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset under the hood. The 4nm processor is coupled to 12 GB of memory and up to 512 GB of storage on the top model.

The top-of-the-line smartphone is also rumored to have a quad camera arrangement at the rear comprising of a 200 MP primary camera. That is accompanied by a 12 MP ultra wide angle lens along with a pair of 10 MP telephoto lenses. One of the telephoto lenses offers 3x optical zoom and 30x Space Zoom while the other optical lens offers 10x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom. Then there is the 32 MP front facing cam for selfies and video calls.

Other details that the top-end Samsung flagship phone comes with include a 5000 mAh battery that is backed by 25W fast charging support. The latter bit, however, comes as a bit of a disappoint for a phone that otherwise boasts of top-end specs. Its competitors, especially those from China offer much faster charging support.  The phone is also expected to come pre-installed with Android 13 with the company’s proprietary One UI 5.1 running on top.

The above rumors come close on the heels of another that we had yesterday and which claimed satellite connectivity for the Galaxy S23 series, one that offers both voice and data connectivity. This again will be a step ahead of the text based satellite connectivity that the iPhone 14 series is capable of.