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Cyber Monday deal has brought $200 Razer Anzu smart glasses to just $25

How about a pair of smart glasses to flaunt this holiday season, more so when you can have them at throw-away prices? The Razer Anzu is now selling for as low as just $24.99 at Woot, which is easily the lowest the pair of glasses has ever sold for before. That’s almost a fraction of the usual $199.99 that the smart glasses otherwise sell for. We have seen it drop down to $49.99 before but Cyber Monday 2022 deals have brought it down even further to just $25. The low price tag does not come with any compromises though as you would still be getting a brand new pair of glasses, complete with a 2-year Razer warranty as well.

The Razer Anzu Smart Glasses are also excellent in their own right and are well suited for use both outdoors as well as indoors. With the latter scenario, it can be an excellent accompaniment for PC gaming. Also, a huge positive with the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses is that it comes with two sets of glasses that can be interchanged easily. That includes polarized sunglass lenses that make it fit for use outdoors, just as any regular pair of sunglasses. Razer said the polarized lenses allow for 99 percent protection against harmful UVA/UVB rays and saves the eyes from glare.

The other pair of lenses that the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses come with include those designed to filter blue light. This way, the same smart glasses when fitted with the blue-light filtering lenses make it ideal for use when working on the PC as it can help reduce exposure to the harmful blue light that the PC monitor emits. Blue light is known to cause eye fatigue due to its high energy quotient. Besides, research has also proven blue light to cause melatonin suppression in the human body when exposed to it for long hours, especially late at night, something that is known to cause disruption in the normal sleep pattern.

Apart from these, the smart glasses also support a wireless hands-free calling feature as well. For this, it comes with a Bluetooth speaker and a microphone that is built into the frame. The smart glasses are voice assistant compliant as well though there is an integrated touch mechanism available that too can be used to control the various features. The integrated battery supports five hours of talk time, which means no need to keep the glasses plugged in every day.

The company is however offering the smart glasses with rectangular lenses at the moment, that too in the regular or small size option. Also, with a deal this lucrative, it is not known how long it is going to last. So, anyone looking to buy a pair of smart glasses has a nice option in the form of the Razer Anzu glasses.