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Nothing to launch a new flagship-killer phone in the US soon

The one important smartphone market that the smartphone manufacturer Nothing was missing out on so far in the US, something that the company co-founder Carl Pei said it wants to get into soon. The company has traditionally been active in regions such as the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. Pei said its latest smartphone offering, the Nothing Phone 1 isn’t available in the US as the company is yet to come to terms with all the complexities that the market comes with.

However, Pei said he is keen to set the record straight this time and launch its smartphones in the country henceforth. The co-founder also dropped hints of it being a new smartphone that the company intends to launch in the US, which means it could be the successor of the Nothing Phone 1 that would be reaching Stateside sometime soon, or maybe the company has a new model that it want to launch exclusively in the country.

While we await further details on that, Pei has confirmed it has already initiated discussions with various carriers in the US that would potentially launch its phones in the country. He also exuded confidence of getting good response for its phone in the US and see significant growth as well. He in fact is aiming for the top slot in the US smartphone segment and has said the upcoming Nothing phone for the country would pose significant challenge to the established players such as the likes of the Apple iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy S23 and such.

The company however confessed the presence of various carrier bands in the US make things quite complicated for start-ups. It said they lacked the technical support needed to support the various carriers as well as the unique customizations that they introduce on top of the usual Android fare. That would mean having in place an extensive setup to take care of all issues pertaining to its products to ensure customers have a hassle free user experience.

The company’s latest offering, the Nothing Phone 1 is unique in that it comes with a transparent rear panel that lights up as well. However, it is more of a mid-range offering than being a flagship killer, a moniker that is associated with OnePlus, the company Carl Pei had co-founded before branching out to launch his own brand named Nothing. Pei also stated the Nothing Phone 1 which is more of an iPhone SE competitor than targeting the frontline iPhone devices has sold half a million units already since its launch in July this year. The company also sold 600,000 units of its wireless earbuds too.

However, Pei said the company has a zero profit margin at the moment owing to less than ideal market conditions. That includes a strong US dollar as well as stringent terms set by the suppliers. He however is optimistic to break even by 2024 and turn profitable from then onwards.