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Can I delete Google reviews?

As an individual, when looking for reviews of a business or establishment, the first thing you look at is the Google search engine. When searching for information, the user often sees reviews from other Google users.

According to some studies, many customers make a choice in favor of a company or institution based on the reviews of other customers. Therefore, a negative review of your company can have a detrimental effect on your reputation.

It turns out that customers are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive ones.

And if your site has negative reviews on Google, the first thing that will come to mind is the possibility to remove them immediately. Is this possible and what can you do if the customer has left a negative review? We will talk about it in this article. If you buy google reviews they will be automatically deleted.

Is it possible to remove a review on Google?

Unfortunately, there is no button in Google to remove a bad review about your business. But there are other ways to influence a situation no matter how unpleasant it is. For example, you can get rid of these reviews by using a special checkbox above the review. It gives you the option to mark it as “Inappropriate”.

What does this mark mean? It is assigned to fake reviews or reviews that do not comply with the Google search engine rules. So you can click on the button to mark the review as inappropriate. Then you have to indicate the reason why you think so and provide your email address for further communication with Google support.

You will then receive a notification from the system that your request has been accepted for processing. Before submitting a notification to the system about an inappropriate review, please be aware that Google uses powerful spam-checking tools before publishing reviews.

Nevertheless, there are cases where the publication of spam notices is allowed. It is in such cases that you can file your complaint about the review, as you consider it unacceptable in a particular situation.

Where to write to remove a review from Google?

You can write to Google search engine support, but such requests have significant drawbacks. For example, the fact that such communication may take a long time and no one guarantees you the result. And even if the support suddenly agrees to remove a negative review for objective reasons, it will happen over time. And during this time, many potential customers will already see a negative review.

Another problem is that Google will not simply remove a review just because it is negative. The search engine is mainly for objectivity of information, and if the experts consider the review left by the user about your business to be true and honest, then they will not remove it accordingly.

In addition to contacting Google technical support, there are other ways to submit a negative review.

What else can I do to remove negative Google reviews?

There are other solutions for removing Google reviews.

Instead of contacting the platform, you can go directly to the customer who issued the review against you.

Respond to your customer’s comments

If you respond strategically to a negative review on Google, chances are the customer will delete the comments left. If a company representative has sincerely apologized and offered a solution to the current situation, a disgruntled customer may be bothered by the negative comments. Therefore, when writing a response, be as polite as possible. For example, don’t hesitate to offer a bonus or gift to an unhappy customer.

Send a request to the customer to remove the negative review

Not all customers will delete the review after your sincere apology. Therefore, after resolving the unpleasant moment, send an e-mail to the user indicating that you would be delighted if he/she removed the review from the Google page. Don’t make demands, don’t be intrusive, don’t threaten, but just let the customer know that you would be very happy with such an act.

Provide solutions to the problems mentioned in the customer review

If the customer review describes a specific problem, try to solve it completely. Then, invite the customer to use your services again and mention that thanks to him/her, you have discovered such a defect in yourself and have already corrected it. Make it clear that you value every customer and their honest opinion of your company. Companies like 1reviews.be or any other establishment should do the same.

Whether or not this user comes back to you, other users reading the reviews will see your willingness to solve any problem. They will then be marked by your willingness to offer your customers a better service. In any case, customer feedback and a quick response to their comments will only improve your company’s reputation in the eyes of other potential customers.