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Amazon announces Kindles Books instant previews sharing using mobile apps on Android

Amazon has updated its sharing options for Kindle books, essentially aimed at making hassle free conversations about a particular book for readers using the popular mobile messaging apps, and even share those updates with people who have never even used Kindle before.

With the new update, users from now on have a new way to socialize with their friends about the books they liked or disliked via direct messaging apps which include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, phone messaging and more. In addition, the review or recommendation shared by a Kindle user now allows others to start reading it right away within the link itself, similar to any other link provided within articles on the web these days, much like links to articles and videos.

“The perfect quote in a book isn’t always the perfect quote for your whole social network. Now it’s easy to share exactly what you want in a Kindle book with exactly who you want,” said Russ Grandinetti, Senior Vice President, Kindle. “Kindle makes it easy to chat about the books you’re reading, whether it’s making a recommendation or sparking a conversation about a quote you loved.

The new feature works in a pretty simplified manner as well.

As when a user shares a quote or a review recommendation, friends who receive the share can start reading it instantly right from their phone, tablet, or PC, without need for a mandatory sign-up or installation of an app.

The  update should come in rather in handy for Kindle users ,making them much more involved in conversations about their favorite books,  share their insights with their family and friends and start more in-depth conversations via their messaging apps, email or texts. Moreover, users from now on can add a more personal touch by messaging just the people who they think will relate to the book.

The new feature certainly has the potential to convert receivers to Kindle readers in the long run, as this would provide something that can be accessed and read right away thereby reducing unnecessary hassles with sign-up, allowing users to start a conversation with others who have similar tastes.

The updated feature is now immediately available on Kindle for Android, while support for Kindle e-readers and other devices is expected to be rolled out later this year, says Amazon.

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