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Climate change is impacting health for populations worldwide, study finds

It shouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think that climate change could potentially have an impact on the health of people, considering it impacts virtually every other aspect of life on Earth. Interestingly though, this is something that hasn’t been thought of until now. A new study has found that there is statistical evidence to suggest that climate change is having an impact on the health of humans, and not just animal species around the world.

The study came from physicians who pointed out that as much as a 70% change in health has been noted in those who have visited throughout the years. The study also pointed out that the change, which took place gradually as the climate changed, was drastic enough to work in accordance with climate change as a whole. Most notably, the medical professionals pointed out that the health impacts are mostly coming from extreme weather events.

The study found that extreme events like tornadoes, intense droughts, and much more are all things that are impacting the overall health of people around the world. The team noted that in the United States specifically, the biggest groups impacted were low-income families and communities, which are hardest hit by negative weather patterns. These volatile weather patterns aren’t just hard to predict, but they’re also difficult for those living in low-income regions to prepare for and handle after they move out.

Many officials pointed out that with this report it’s a reminder that we need to take better action to fight against climate change. That doesn’t just mean evolving regulations, either, though. That means fighting against the things that have become a norm in the community, in terms of bad infrastructure, and outdated prevention methods for fighting against things that come with climate change – like severe weather events.

At this point, it isn’t just the federal government, or a conservation group saying that we need change – it’s virtually all parties involved saying that we need to see significant change around the country and around the world to ensure that climate change doesn’t do irreversible damage that does damage to the human population.

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