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Apple iPhone 6 exploded during call in India, user is safe

An Indian restaurateur based of Gurgaon claimed that his iPhone 6 caught fire and exploded suddenly while he was talking to a friend, according to a report by The Times of India. An FIR (First Information Report) has been filed with the local police authorities, and the person has reportedly escaped unharmed.

Kishan Yadav, was talking to his friend on hands-free mode while driving, when he noticed sparks flying out of his iPhone 6. He immediately responded and threw his 64GB grey iPhone 6 out of his car which exploded shortly after.

“My face could have got burned as the phone exploded in a matter of seconds. When I threw the phone, the call was on, and the battery was around 70 percent,” Yadav told the Times of India.

Yadav soon contacted the store from where he purchased the iPhone 6, where he was advised to get in touch with Apple’s service center. Representatives at Apple’s service center denied to register his complaint and asked him to leave the exploded iPhone 6 with them for testing.

Yadav bought his space grey iPhone 6 just last week, who is now demanding swift action be taken and has filed an official police complaint. Apparently, it’s the first time ever that such a scenario has happened in India. Several cases of an iOS device exploding have been witnessed in the US, the most recent was reported out of Long Island where an iPhone 6 exploded in a user’s pocket, giving the owner third degree burns.

Notably, handsets catching fire isn’t just restricted to Apple handsets.

Korean giant Samsung was also under intense scrutiny in this regard, when its Galaxy S4 suddenly burst into flames while charging, burning down an entire house in Hong Kong. A similar case was reported in Dublin when a Galaxy S III owner was driving in his care when his device caught fire.

Meanwhile in December last year, a Reddit user uploaded images of an LG G3, which burst into flames. The battery was said to be the cause of the explosion while T-Mobile offered help with the investigation as the handset was sold via them.

Given the rise of such scenarios, smartphone users are advised to use genuine charger and batteries that are recommended by the manufacturer for that particular device. There might be chance of manufacturing defects involved, but why give companies the chance to put the blame on us by using unauthorized and fake accessories.