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WhatsApp Web receives chat and profile management features

In case you did not know, WhatsApp’s web version – known as WhatsApp Web — does exist and has been there for quite some time now, though for the most part has remained dormant with no significant updates. That is all about to change as the app’s web version now gets the much need upgrade bringing along a slew of nifty features.

To begin with, users can now change their profile picture directly from the web version and their status message. Along with that, it now offers more control over your chats and groups. The web version now features a quick action menu that pops up in top right corner of the chat window. This essentially allows a user to perform quick actions on current chats, by either archiving or deleting it, along with the option to archive group conversations, muting them or exiting from the group.

Other minor tweaks include ‘Contact’ and ‘Group’ info option, which pops up a sidebar on the right of the screen, showing information about the person you’re chatting with, or group information and its participants. There’s also red button housed at the bottom of the right sidebar, which allows users to instantly delete chats or if they want to exit a group.

While on the left sidebar where current chats are listed, right clicking on it also brings up similar controls for archiving and deleting chats. Reports also indicate that WhatsApp Web also get keyboard shortcuts for each action, though it seems the feature isn’t stable yet as they appear rather sporadically, implying that the company could still be testing the feature.

Users can start using the WhatsApp Web right away, all you need to do is to launch the website (web.whatsapp.com) on your browser and try out these new features.

To recall, Facebook-owned WhatsApp announced its web client earlier this year, which only used to work on the Chrome browser, though now it seems the functionality has been rolled out to other browsers as well. WhatsApp Web client functionality currently works with the updated version of WhatsApp on Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry devices. Sadly, iPhones won’t be getting the feature due to ‘platform limitations’, according to WhatsApp chief Jan Koum.