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Google’s “Spam free” mission is one that anyone can get behind

Google wants to clean up your inbox. Remember when the company said that as they launched Inbox, the ingenious new method for keeping your entire digital life organized? Most people do, and some people have even adopted the new platform. However, with as much focus as Google has put on its Gmail platform, and worked to bring new ideas into the fold, as was proven with the Google Inbox platform – there remains one constant factor throughout all email platforms.

Spam plagues everyone who uses an email client. Whether that client is Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or some other variation that isn’t mentioned – it has existed dating all the way back to the AOL, or AIM mail days. With every passing day, the great minds at these companies, and others who do email are working to bring better spam filters to the saddle. However, improving overall spam filters isn’t something that can simply be done overnight without any challenge.

This is something that takes time, and, unfortunately, those who are trying to ensure that spam continues to roam the digital world – have a lot of time on them as well. It comes down to empowering individuals to really push against the status quo when it comes to email technology. Some believe that email is becoming outdated, but in a professional environment, email is as powerful of a tool today, as it was 10 years ago.

Since email isn’t going anywhere – it really creates a unique demand for those who are seeking to see the end of spam. Even something as simple as identifying spam though is something that varies by the individual. While most might not complain about the advertisements that reach their inbox, after a certain amount of time – if a user doesn’t spend enough time doing something with the advertisement emails that come once a day, or multiple times a day, the spam filters built into the email platform will begin sending it away to the “junk” folder.

That means eliminating spam is really about identifying what spam is to the user. For Google, they’re working on something that anyone can get behind.

There isn’t anyone out there who wouldn’t love to open up their inbox, and not see a dozen or more junk emails in their inbox when they wake up in the morning, or arrive at the office. However, it would seem that even if Google is completely on top of their game – eliminating junk email, or spam, will be a task that could go forever incomplete.