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Self-driving cars could mean a significantly cleaner environment

Imagining a world where people didn’t drive cars might seem like a stretch. That would be to say that a world where people coexisted without that piece of transportation, which people take for granted universally, wouldn’t simply not exist. Rather, it would be executed by a computer and machine, instead of being carried out by humans. A new study has shed light on some information that reveals just how possible that can be, and how much of an impact that would have on the overall health of the planet.

Researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that Earth would be significantly healthier with the edition of self-driving taxis, instead of utilizing the traditional – individual mode of transportation the world has come to expect out of life. The study also found that it could cut the overall output of automotive emissions by as much as 90%, which would be a substantial benefit to humans, and Earth, if we are still interested in maintaining its health.

The study outlined a method for cars to be running 24-hours a day while still maintaining incredibly low costs to operate. This is something that scientists, researchers, and even automotive experts have been working on determining for years. Now though, it would appear as though we have our first run of usable data to measure how effective this can be.

One way that this would significantly improve the current situation would be by eliminating the need for consumer acceptance over any of the changes. In fact, it would be arranged in such a way that consumers would accept it by its merit of being a significantly less expensive method for commuting, rather than relying on the simple methods that have been in existence to this point.

While this certainly is something that will come as a surprise to some individuals, this is something that the overall economy is working toward. As more companies look for alternatives in fuel source, and find that consumers are generally less willing to adapt to these changes – due to the higher costs associated with them – it will become a matter of “adapt or die” for the planet.

The planet cannot sustain what we’re currently doing to it, so this change is something that will be important in terms of changing the health of the planet for the better. If the automotive industry can also gain from it, and presumably create a brand-new industry that is able to fund a lot of new innovations in the automotive world – this is something that a lot of people would be able to get behind. However, this still remains something that is a ways off, and something that simply provides a little more background for researchers to continue pushing.