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Lumenati CS1 transforms iPhone 6 into retro cinema camera

The Lumenati CS1 offers an advanced filming experience for your iPhone 6, complete with ergonomic design, interchangeable lenses, and an iOS app that provides manual controls and on-the-spot editing and video sharing.

Ever wanted to turn your iPhone 6 into a classic cinematic experience?

With the Lumenati CS1 case, you’re a step closer with the advanced filming experience that it provides. According to Lumenati, a collection of artists and designers based in Denver, Colorado, the CS1 is supposed to combine the basic video features of the iPhone with a classic camera design, upgraded video quality, and an array of in-app options.

The iPhone is simply inserted through the back of the Lumenati CS1 case. Once installed, the user only needs to install and load up the Lumenati app on their iPhone to begin filming. The user just needs to hold in the red button at the front to begin recording, then release it to stop.

The CS1 measures about 6” in length and 7” in height, with at least a 3” width. The ergonomic design ensures a steady shot and simple recording. The design also includes a built-in eyepiece, to film with the best accuracy. A breakdown of the image quality reveals a host of features, such as a f/2.2 aperture, five-element lens, backside illumination sensor, auto image stabilization, and a hybrid IR filter.

Another great design element is the inclusion of interchangeable 58mm lenses, to capture different angles while shooting. Lumenati promises to offer wide-angle, fisheye, and telephoto lenses for the CS1. The case also adds a cold shoe adapter, in order to attach compatible accessories, such as an external microphone or a mountable light.

So, what is the app capable of? The interface offers controls for many filmmaking necessities, such as focus, exposure, and frame rate. There are also several filters that can be applied while shooting. Finally, the app provides options for instantly editing and sharing content.

The user can capture clips onto a timeline and select the individual clips to edit. The editing options include adding music, text, and sound.

The user can also adjust where the clips begin and end. Once finished, the user and instantly share their timeline.

As mentioned before, the Lumenati CS1 is currently only available for iPhone 6, but Lumenati wishes to design cases for other smartphones, granted that they make the proper fundraising. Lumenati is currently trying to get those funds through their Kickstarter campaign. They currently have a little over $20,000 of the $75,000 goal, with 29 days remaining.

As one of their backing perks, Lumenati is offering an “early bird special” for $150 on their Kickstarter page. This includes a black CS1, a .45 wide angle lens, and a Lumenati lens wipe. After that, this special can be preordered at $200. The suggested retail price of this package is $250.

Given the speed of the fundraising, we’re almost certain to see this feature-rich iPhone 6 accessory on shelves in the near future, along with all of its compatible lenses. The estimated distribution date is sometime in February of 2016.