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Why more Americans than ever are opting to use crypto casinos

The past 12 months have not been the smoothest for the crypto markets. This time last year, Bitcoin was hovering around $65,000, while at the time of writing it is down to a 2022 low of $15,000 in the wake of the Binance debacle. Yet while traders are having to endure a white knuckle ride, gamblers of a different kind are finding Bitcoin and altcoins to be a far more attractive prospect.

The first crypto casino launched in 2014, back at a time when the current market volatility would have looked like ripples on a millpond. Back then, the idea of using Bitcoin at an online casino had predominantly novelty value. Over the past couple of years, however, crypto casinos have ceased to be a market niche and instead, Bitcoin has steadily progressed to become a payment method of choice. In fact, a scroll through the US online casinos at www.gambleonline.co/casino/ shows that all the top rated platforms offer Bitcoin as a deposit method.

A natural fit

Walk into a physical casino, and the transactions are still largely cash-based. You feed a $20 into the video poker machine or slot game, and if you get lucky, the cashier hands over a pile of banknotes in exchange for your betting chips at the end of the night. It works because it is a natural fit, but when you gamble online it is a different story.

Transferring fiat currency into a virtual environment is awkward and unnatural. Digital currency, on the other hand, is designed for online use. It’s as smooth as slipping those 20s into your wallet.

Inherently secure

Casinos spend a fortune on security to make transactions as safe as possible. But we all know that cybercrime is a reality, and the least secure part can often be at the user end. There is inherent risk in sharing bank account details, credit card numbers and so on over the internet.

Bitcoin is inherently safer for online transactions due to the nature of the blockchain ecosystem in which it exists. Nothing is 100 percent guaranteed, but crypto is as secure a transaction method as you are going to find.

Fast and frictionless

If you are lucky enough to back a winner at the races or hit the jackpot on a slot game, you want to get your winnings in your hand so you can get the drinks in to celebrate. With bank transfers, you might have to wait several days, which definitely takes the shine from the excitement.

There are no such issues with Bitcoin. You typically have access to funds immediately, or at worst in the space of a few minutes. No excuses for failing to share your good fortune!

A rare chance of privacy

The online age has brought few favors for those of us who like to keep ourselves to ourselves. But in an age when nothing seems private anymore, Bitcoin provides a rare opportunity to stay anonymous.

When you gamble with Bitcoin, there is no need to share personal data, so you can enjoy your pastime without others looking on or passing judgement.