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Samsung confirms next Gear A smartwatch with a rotating bezel

Korean giant Samsung at its Tizen developer’s event confirmed that its forthcoming Galaxy Gear A smartwatch will feature a rotating bezel. It’ll be a Tizen powered smartwatch featuring a circular form factor while the rotating bezel will be used for controlling and navigating watch functions to cycle quickly between apps.

Samsung did not specifically mention the rotating dial as a part of the upcoming Gear A. Though the feature was specially introduced as a way to control version 2.3.1 of its Tizen operating system. Now it remains to be seen whether or not this functionality will actually translate into a smoother way to cycle apps in the upcoming Gear A or Orbis.

The Tizen powered Galaxy Gear A will reportedly feature an Exynos 3472 dual-core processor coupled with 768MB of RAM and comes with 4GB of internal storage. Juicing up the smartwatch would be a 250mAh battery while other rumored specs include a 360 x 360 circular display, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, along with 2G data connectivity. The smartwatch is also reported to be Samsung’s first device to come with Samsung Pay compatibility.

With Apple’s smartwatch already stamping its authority in the wearables market, the pressure is now on Samsung and other smartwatch manufacturers to come up with something unique in order to survive and compete against the Apple Watch.

The company will likely unveil the forthcoming Galaxy Gear A at a scheduled in New York on August 13, alongside the expected unveiling of the new Galaxy Note 5 along with a slightly larger Galaxy S6 Edge. With the event just round the corner, buckle up for an onslaught of official and rumored Samsung devices in the coming weeks. Till then, keep checking back for more updates.