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Don’t upgrade to Windows 10 on VAIO PC until drivers are ready: Sony

Sony Electronics last year sold off its VAIO business, though there are still a lot of VAIO users and Sony still continues to provide these users with drivers and software updates. Now the company has issued a precautionary statement advising VAIO PC users to refrain from upgrading to the latest Windows 10 OS released last month.

On the company’s official support site, Sony has put an alert saying that VAIO PC users should not upgrade to Windows 10 until the required drivers are rolled out and ready. They further mention that they are working to bring the Windows 10 upgrade for VAIO devices that shipped with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and will be releasing drivers, applications and other detailed information based on the OS originally installed on their PCs.

In addition, Sony has posted a schedule and says they’ll be providing further information by this month for users who wish to upgrade their PCs originally sold with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

However, users will have to wait till October to get their upgrade instructions along all the requisite Windows 10 drivers for PCs who came pre-installed with Windows 8.1, while PCs which originally came with Windows 8 on-board will have to wait until November.

Surprisingly, the company did not mention any plans as to when Windows 10 drivers will be rolled out for PCs that originally came with Windows 7, instead these devices are mentioned under a separate schedule where no information is given as to when these drivers and apps for Windows 10 will be rolled out. The only thing Sony is committed to delivering about these devices is ‘information regarding Limitations and Issues’ sometime later this month. This clearly implies that Sony’s rather slack approach when it comes to providing updates and fixes for VAIO devices running Windows 7.

Meanwhile, Microsoft just rolled out another cumulative update for Windows 10 dubbed as KB3081436, which according to the company is aimed at providing improved experience to the Windows 10 functionality. The new update comes just a week after the first cumulative update KB3074683 was rolled out. The latest update includes all previous fixes and also fixes several new vulnerabilities.

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In addition, Microsoft has also opened up the first public release of its Windows 10 IoT Core, as the first non-preview version can now be used with devices such as Raspberry Pi 2 and Intel’s MinnowBoard Max boards bringing along a slew of new features. It now gets support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality, along with improved support for Python and Node.js. The Redmond giant revealed its IoT plans back in March when its announced the Azure IoT suite designed to help enterprises to manage operations more effectively by leveraging Azure Cloud. It later followed it up with the preview release of its Windows 10 IoT Core hoping to garner enough interest as the company wants as many as a billion Windows 10 devices.

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