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Apple updates Boot Camp and its companion drivers adding support for Windows 10

Apple’s Boot Camp Assistant and its accompanying drivers have now been updated with support for Microsoft’s newly released Windows 10. The confirmation comes via an official support document, hence users from now on can use the Boot Camp tool within the Mac OS X for a hassle-free installation of the new Windows OS.

Users will need to boot the newly installed Windows OS and then make sure they run and install the Boot Camp drivers package. It’s rather surprising to see Apple’s swift response to adding Windows 10 support to its Boot Camp Assistant along with the required drivers. Apple has given a long list of devices that offer Boot Camp support.

Hence, from now on, users who start downloading Boot Camp drivers, will come with all the technical assistance required to run Windows 10 properly. Interested users can head over to the Apple’s ‘Help & Support’ page to get a better understanding to install Windows 10 along with other parameters.

Meanwhile, it seems Microsoft has subtly changed the way activation now works on Windows 10. Given the massive rollout of Windows 10, the company has now laid down new rules as to how it performs product activation on retail upgrades of Windows, including free upgrades for that one-year period.

The most noticeable change now is that all Windows 10 activation related information is now stored online. Implying that once a user successfully activates Windows 10 for the first time, the device will activate automatically in the future without a product key. This is apparently a substantial change compared to earlier versions of Windows, as it was mandatory to have a product key for every installation. This could potentially baffle certain users while trying to perform a clean install of Windows 10 as they are not really aware of the new activation scenario.