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Facebook adds ‘Donate Now’ button as call-to-action for NGOs pages, ads

Facebook is rather known for its social initiatives offering community services, especially the company’s programs aimed at helping third world countries. Now, the social networking giant is extending its help to non-profit organizations, with a new tool designed specifically for NGOs. As a part of its call-to-action button for ads, the company has added a ‘Donate Now’ button for organizations aimed at providing community and social services, the company confirmed in a post on Monday.

“Now, it’s easier than ever for nonprofits to connect with people who care about their causes and encourage them to contribute through the website of their choice,” said the company on its Facebook for Business page.

This implies that the feature is now open to all organizations and groups, even if they are not official partners with Facebook. Clicking on the ‘Donate Now’ button on the non-profit organization’s page first pops up a notification that the organization is not endorsed or has any affiliation with Facebook. Next, it redirects you to a donation page where one can finally complete the donation process.

 To put into perspective, no transaction or activity related to the donation essentially happens within the Facebook page itself. As clicking on the new ‘Donate Now’ button simply redirects you to a donation page of that particular NGO’s official site.

The new button is rather similar to the one when Facebook offered a helping hand for victims of the massive Nepal earthquake in April this year.

The company offered a link to a blog post that included a ‘Donate’ button, through which the company said that Facebook users were able to raise more than $17 million in the country’s rescue and rebuilding efforts.


Meanwhile, the company also has several other projects that are aimed at providing free Internet access in the remotest regions of the world. Facebook has now fully developed a solar-powered drone codenamed ‘Aquila’, which will be tested in the US later this year. The Aquila drone is essentially developed to provide free Internet access to remotest regions of the world, even targeting poor and isolated areas in the world.

The company had a similar program called Internet.

org which has already offered more than a billion people in 17 nations with free Internet access. Many of which included countries that had basic network infrastructure. Though, the company says Aquila is aimed at offering free Internet access to that 10 percent of the population which are totally deprived of any network infrastructure.