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Google facelifts ‘Apps’ results layout on Android

Google has rolled out a new set of changes to the way how apps search appears outside of the Google Play. Users from now on will notice that the new search results interface presents apps in a colorful pattern, with each block matching the color of a particular apps icon, as opposed to the old one-by-one listing while showing app results.

Notably, the Mountain View giant hasn’t made any official announcement about the new change. It was rather spotted in the wild by online blogs along with a number of users. The new change is reminiscent of the company’s recent material design language and apparently looks quite appealing with bright color tones now being used in the background for an app which are displayed in a grid format.

Another noticeable change with the new layout is that app listings now do not offer a brief description of that particular app, and only show the apps title, its ratings along with the price.

Clicking on a particular app in the search listings redirects you to the Google Play. To have a look at how the new app search listings look, users can search for cooking apps, music streaming app or any term ending with the word ‘app’ on Google on their Android device.

The change has not yet been rolled out in Google searches on iOS, as apps still appear the old way listed one-by-one followed by a link to which shows more apps related to the kind of app one is looking up. Hence, whether the new change will be rolled out on other platforms remains yet to be seen.

With Google’s business increasing relying on the mobile platform, the company off-late has been introducing a slew of changes so that apps results can integrate more efficiently with its search listings.

Back in April, the company rolled out an update to search results on Android prompting users to install apps that were related to their search query.

This way users were directly linked to match their search term while app indexing allowed them to jump directly onto a specific page where their query might be located.

The feature was later rolled out on iOS as well, hence it won’t be surprising to see the search engine giant to roll out the new app results update on iOS as well in the near future.