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Apple iOS 9 climbs to 12.5% ​​within first 24 hours and rising constantly

Its been more than 24 hours since Apple started rolling out its iOS 9 to general public, and the adoption rate of the new iOS is now more than 12.5 percent and constantly rising. These numbers are provided by a third party mobile analytics firm Mixpanel, who further claims that despite some early download issues, iOS 9 is being adopted by mainstream users with quickness.

The adoption rates are pretty similar to last year’s iOS 8 launch, though users would be rather pleased as the iOS 9 update is much smaller (3.5 times smaller) than its predecessor.

The company launched iOS 9 on Wednesday, which now features a plethora of changes such as improved Siri, proactive search functions, along with better battery management. In addition, it also gets a few iPad centric features such as Split View multitasking along with picture-in-picture video viewing. It also has QuickType keyboard that utilizes new multitouch gestures along with iPad-only shortcuts.

The new iOS 9 is available as a free update for devices starting with iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

Apple iOS 9 Release Date, Compatible Devices and Features

In other related news, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced that users may be allowed to remove pre-installed apps on all iOS devices. Though he says that its more complicated than one would assume, as many of these pre-installed apps are connected to other apps in some ways and removal could cause issues. Many users have also expressed their concern over the 16GB version of the iPhone, as its too small compared to the standard 32GB now available on most smartphones.

Meanwhile, Apple also published its ‘Move to iOS’ app on Google Play Store, a tool designed for Android users to easily switch to iOS devices. As expected, it’s facing the brunt of Android fanboys with 1 star ratings. As of now, there are 800 reviews with a 5 star rating and over 3300 reviews with a 1 star rating, hence the app’s average rating currently sits at 1.8.

“I call on my fellow Android comrades to ensure this app gets drowned into oblivion with a 1-star rating never to be seen again on our cherished platform,” writes reviewer Segun Omojokun.