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Foodie & Gamers: Taco Bell and Sony team up offering Gold PS4 Bundle every 10 minutes

Are you in the mood to win a PS4? Sony and Taco Bell have teamed up to offer you great food and great fun between September 24th and November 4th.

The deal? A Gold PS4 Bundle that can be yours with the purchase of a Big Box Combo meal at Taco Bell. All you need to do is purchase the Big Box Combo meal, find the code on the meal box, text it to 25552, confirm your age and acknowledgement of the contest rules, play the game, then wait for the text to either confirm or deny you’re a winner. Winners will receive a limited edition, 500GB Gold PS4 with a DualShock 4 controller, the game Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and a PlayStation Plus membership voucher.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has become one of the best-selling game consoles in the United States, and Sony sales continue to climb among gamers. One reason behind the PS4’s success pertains to the physical game discs (as opposed to cloud gaming, which, initially, was Microsoft’s vision for the Xbox One), and the 500GB PS4 will be well received by gamers who are power gamers and know best how to put all that storage to good use. Taco Bell is likely doing this to win customers over to its fast food chain, seeing that customers have dropped off in the last year or so.

The Japanese manufacturer has been under scrutiny recently, first with its new warnings about its devices being “waterproof,” and, secondly, with its claims about the Xperia Z5 Premium, introduced at IFA 2015, boasting a 4K resolution. Sony later said that the only parts of the Z5 Premium experience that use 4K resolution are the image gallery and video playback; the Xperia UI uses the same 1080p resolution as the Z5 Premium’s predecessors.

The contest is open to US residents only, age 18 and up, and participants can only receive one entry to win each day (in other words, only one Big Box Combo a day will bring a code). The next time you get hungry for both gameplay and food, make Taco Bell your destination. You may just strike gold, hit the jackpot, or both.